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KAI Surion Police Helicopter
08 September, 2014 The Surion Police twin-engine police helicopter is designed and manufactured by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), for the Korean National Police Agency...

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i-bodi Technology
i-bodi Technology: DBM-01...
The DBM-01 has been developed as a stand alone unit with a USB connection to a PC and for use in conjunction with head forms or mannequins to simulate live participant breathing in respirator...

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Sustainability in the global defence industry
06 January, 2012 Sustainability is a priority in the defence industry in order to attract environmentally conscious customers. Using information gathered by ICD Research,

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Lenco BearCat Armoured Vehicles
The Lenco BEAR and BearCat product lines include mission-specific variants for police SWAT and special response teams; anti-riot and civil disturbance response; bomb response/EOD; and MedEvac/ambulance.