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ST-Electronics (Info-Comm Systems)

ST Electronics (Info-Comm Systems) is a leading provider of advanced communications, integrated security and smart emergency response solutions for the homeland security sector.

Smart emergency response system for effective police operations

Our smart emergency response system (Smart ERS) provides efficient and effective management of police operations and fast response to emergency calls.

Smart ERS enables seamless communications and enhanced situational awareness, resulting in increased force capability and improved public safety and security. The system allows call takers, incident managers and control centre supervisors to efficiently handle and manage emergencies and incidents.

An intuitive smartphone application empowers the frontline officers with situation awareness and information necessary for fast incident response.

The system also enhances job despatch, resource tracking and management, and incident tracking for effective operations and emergency response.

Unified communications suite for seamless communications

Developed to suit various operational requirements of the public safety sector, the SuperneT Unified Communications Suite integrates all communications needs on a single platform and caters for all radio frequencies, bands, networks, systems and devices.

Its scalable design enables various deployments ranging from a single operator setup to complete end-to-end operations.

SuperneT offers different configurations and can be customised to interface easily with existing communication systems, including:

  • SuperneT U-Centre: integrated communications system for large-scale command centres
  • SuperneT U-Mobile: integrated communications system for command vehicles and small-scale mobile command centres
  • SuperneT U-Portable: quick-deployable integrated communications system for field or ad-hoc setup
  • SuperneT U-Agile+: converges voice, data, video streaming and geolocation tracking into a secured mobile application and incorporates a mission process management system to provide seamless communications and enhanced operational efficiency for organisations with mobile forces

Mobile command centres for mission and crisis management

The CETRON™ mobile command hub is a versatile vehicle with fully automated expansion of cabins and deployment of interior consoles.

It is suitable as a mobile command and control centre for extended periods of mission planning and crisis management.

It also provides a workspace of more than 40m² to fit approximately 28 personnel, and supports interoperable communications between multiple agencies.

Forward command vehicle for incident management

The CETRON™ forward command vehicle is a non-expandable command vehicle offering more streamlined operational capabilities.

Designed to be closer to the incident site, it uses a smaller footprint to carry out surveillance and planning while offering interoperability capabilities for multi-agency communication during incident management.

The forward command vehicle provides a mobile workspace for eight to ten personnel, supports interoperable communications between multiple agencies and provides quick deployment, faster and closer access to incident sites.

Counter-drone system to detect and combat drone threats

The SkyArcher counter-drone system detects and disrupts threats posed by drones.

The SkyArcher comprises visual detection, RF detection and signal disruption modules to:

  • Provide all-round visual detection and tracking of intruding / unknown flying objects, as well as RF detection of drone control and downlink signals
  • Classify and track the target flying objects
  • Electronically disrupt targeted drones

Cyber security solutions for government and commercial organisations

ST Electronics provides a comprehensive suite of cyber security solutions that incorporate protection, detection, response and recovery capabilities. We have successfully designed, built, operated and maintained cyber security operation centres for government and commercial organisations.

Our DigiSAFE brand of security products are specially designed to secure end-point devices, communications and networks, mobile security, media security and authentication. These high-assurance products are purpose-built to meet the stringent requirements of customers.

Our cyber security centre offers customised training tailored for industry professionals to develop and enhance their competencies in this area, and allows organisations to simulate their own information and network environments to train personnel with realistic operational and threat scenarios. Trainees are equipped with the latest operational cyber security skill sets through the programme.

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SkyArcher Counter-Drone System

The SkyArcher Counter-Drone System is designed to detect and disrupt threats posed by drones. The increasing use of drones for security, commercial, industrial, leisure and agriculture applications has made these commercially available drones gain vast popularity.

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