Blücher GmbH Chemical and Biological Protective Garments for Homeland Security Services


Blücher GmbH provides international First Responders, military and special forces with chemical and biological warfare agent (CB) and IED fragment (FP) protective materials and clothing.

The company’s SARATOGA® system features under and overgarments, duty uniforms, coveralls and hand foot protection that are wearable and durable, as well as offering high levels of protection against chemical and biological (CB) threats.

Protective technologies for homeland security units

Blücher GmbH’s SARATOGA® range is specifically designed to meet the needs of different scenarios and operational requirements. The air-permeable, adsorptive CB protective materials are based on a unique range of proprietary activated carbon spherical adsorbers. These adsorbers are specifically engineered for withstanding CB warfare agents.

CB protective clothing made with SARATOGA® materials has repeatedly been chosen by the most sophisticated and demanding military forces, tactical operators, and weapons inspectors, after rigorous laboratory and operational testing.

The advantages of SARATOGA® technology include its adsorptive capacity, long wear time and a high degree of air permeability for cooling and optimal balance between high protection and low physiological burden. It also has a high level of mechanical durability resulting in low lifecycle costs.

SARATOGA® CB protective ensembles have been delivered worldwide, used in all climatic conditions and supported every major conflicts in the last few decades.

More than 45 nations, including the US, have adopted the SARATOGA® technology for CB protection to date. Over the years this family of products has been diversified in more specialised solutions for different users, applications and environments.

Chemical and biological protective uniforms and overgarments

The HAMMER Suit®, and other lightweight SARATOGA® CB protective duty uniforms have been developed for and fielded by US federal law enforcement agencies. The OPCW international inspectors, as well as several civil defence organisations are equipped with lightweight SARATOGA® overgarments.

SARATOGA® Hot Climate Suits provide specialised solutions for extremely hot and / or humid climates. The latest developments incorporate advanced aerosol protection to enhance CB protective performance, for example, German IdZ-ES and Norway.

The elite German federal police force GSG 9, the disaster relief organisation THW, and the German civil defence organisation BBK also rely on individually designed SARATOGA® duty uniforms.

Chemically protective undergarments for security forces

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams, law enforcement and military forces currently use Blücher’s new generation of light, comfortable, stretch undergarments that provide a combination of excellent wear physiology and protection.

Hand and footwear designed for real missions

Stretchable SARATOGA® fabrics enabled the development of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protective gloves, which have significantly higher wearability than currently fielded gloves.

SARATOGA® socks made from stretchable, lightweight and durable fabrics in combination with regularly worn combat boots are an ideal replacement of the regular over boots. Alternatively, SARATOGA® CBRN protective combat boots with an adapted design and an integrated, air permeable, adsorptive and durable liner material provide a low burden integrated solution.

IED fragment protective clothing

Blücher offers a fragment protective material and clothing (FPC) system to defend against the impact of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). SARATOGA® FPC integrates fragment protective and cut-resistant performance.

A new generation of multifunctional, extremely comfortable, lightweight, air-permeable, hydrophilic FPCs has been developed. The modular system offers full body protection against fragmentation of the previously unprotected body zones while maintaining full mobility. SARATOGA® FPC closes these gaps, and is complementary to existing personal protection equipment (PPE).

When counting personnel out of action, considering field logistics and medical treatment in cases where comrades are affected, there is a clear requirement for efficient PPE to reduce both the direct and indirect effects caused by IED fragments.

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Blücher GmbH

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