Vital Alert Communication Through-the-Earth and Wireless Telecommunication Solutions

Vital Alert

Vital Alert supplies covert through-the-earth (TTE) and wireless communications solutions.

The company’s technology diffuses soil, in addition to man-made and natural barriers both above and below ground while remaining undetectable at short ranges.

Telecommunication equipment for the homeland security sector

Vital Alert delivers secure, real-time voice text and data. The company provides communication solutions within a wide range of both vertically and horizontally shielded environments, at distances up to 300m.

With clear two-way communication, teams in underground facilities are able to directly alert ground personnel to avoid danger or quickly conduct emergency operations.

Vital Alert’s technology can be used by Homeland Security teams in:

  • Underground border tunnels
  • Public stadiums and halls
  • Government buildings
  • Nuclear and weapon storage facilities
  • Airport security
  • Safe zones inside embassies
  • Isolated environments
  • Subways and underground transportation

Vital Alert technology is highly effective for undercover communications as TTE signals are difficult to detect using conventional radio frequency (RF) hardware. The magnetic signal used for TTE decreases rapidly with distance, making it detectable only in close proximity to transmitters.

Vital Alert products also feature terminal-to-terminal encryption.

Direct integration systems for telecommunication networks

Vital Alert solutions integrate with existing communications systems for consistent interoperability with sensors, standard radio handsets, tracking systems and Wi-Fi networks, or can function independently.

Remote sensor devices

Sensors for items such as intrusion detection and chemicals can be buried at opportune locations, so they silently sit and gather data.

Attaching sensors to a Vital Alert TTE device enable them to discretely send new information from areas normally hidden from the public.

Through-the-earth telecommunication systems

Vital Alert’s Canary™ wireless TTE products have a variety of features, such as:

  • Link range up to 300m, with additional range possible via repeaters (depending on factors such as antenna configuration, ambient noise levels, and rock type)
  • Flexible data interfaces, including RS-485, RS-232, RS-422, ethernet, and USB
  • Configurable throughput up to 1kbps bidirectional
  • Water and dust-resistant IP67 (CanaryComm-IS, CanaryComm, CanaryTalk)
  • Flexible power options: internal battery (CanaryComm-IS and CanaryComm), 24V DC via AC, DC or external battery (more than 24h)
  • Operating temperature: between -10ºC and 40ºC
  • Humidity: condensation levels between 15% and 95%
  • Vibration: 2Hz to 9Hz, 3mm
  • Shock: 25 metres per second squared (m/s/s), 6ms duration

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