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TerraGroup Corporation is a leading manufacturer of tactical lightweight water purification systems. Based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the company’s products and services include portable water purification and filtration systems, water storage and distribution equipment, parts, service and training. These systems have been specifically designed to address military field applications, potable water for disasters, emergency water supply, NBC decontamination and CBRN attacks.

Tactical water purification systems

Clean water is crucial when dealing with an attack that has damaged the infrastructure of the military field location. Mass decontamination operations require water and subsequent handling of the treatment of contaminated runoff.

Current decontamination procedures do not address safe, secure and economic handling of decontamination runoff. Lack of preparation and training potentially allows perpetrators the windfall of poisoned land, water and economic disruption.

TerraGroup’s TECWAR® water purification and wastewater treatment systems focus on water asset recovery and are the leading solution for military field operations, potable and utility water in emergency response / disaster relief situations and for CBRN decontamination runoff treatment in the event of an unconventional terrorist attack.

TECWAR water purification systems demonstrate superiority in simplicity of design, operation, and low maintenance requirements. They are designed for rapid response, remote locations and expeditionary teams.

The systems are portable, scalable, modular and can be used in stand-alone applications or in combination with each other. No other reverse osmosis (RO) water purification system offers the flexibility and adaptability needed to meet a dynamic field environment.

Decontamination runoff and wastewater handling systems for CBRN attacks

Over the past eight years, TerraGroup has focused its efforts to include the most severe terrorist activities – chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN) attack. To meet the challenges faced by the defense industry, the company’s founder, Primo L. Acernese, has developed a simple, yet comprehensive approach to enhance current methods of safely handling liquid decontamination residual.

The Decontamination Runoff Environmental Defense™ (DRED) On-Site Treatment (OST) Level VI System, which serves as a water and wastewater system, is capable of removing a wide range of organic, inorganic, and CBRN contaminants from water before further processing or environmental discharge.

The DRED OST Level IV System processes contaminated liquid through a combination of commercially available and proprietary water treatment technologies configured to capture and contain the hazardous material in disposal canisters, while minimizing operational and environmental contamination.

With its ability to treat CBRN contaminants and decon solutions so that the effluent can be immediately and safely discharged or recycled, the DRED OST Level IV System meets the need for the safe capture, containment and treatment of CBRN contamination in field conditions during an emergency response situation.

Decontamination runoff and wastewater handling system features

The DRED OST Level IV System works by capturing, containing, treating and disposing of decontamination runoff and wastewater on-site. The purified water is discharged into the environment and the filter vessels, containing the contaminants, are then taken to an appropriate disposal site.

The system is self-contained and is available in gas, diesel (JP8) or electric. Minimal training is required to operate the system. Being portable, scalable and modular, the DRED OST Level IV System is adaptable to any decontamination corridor.

Military portable reverse osmosis water purification system

The portable reverse osmosis water purification unit (PRO™ 3000) addresses the need for a portable, lightweight, easily maintained, water purification unit capable of producing potable water from any water source.

Specifically designed for use by emergency and disaster relief personnel, the PRO 3000 is equipped to achieve small scale, absolute water purification in any field condition. It is capable of purifying any source water, even nuclear, chemical and biological (NBC) contaminated water.

Its versatile footprint provides for self-contained potable water support without committing larger water production assets from a support structure. Therefore, the PRO 3000 is able to provide sustainable pure water support in expeditionary environments.

The PRO 3000 has an easy access, open frame design and all connections are quick-release for easy maintenance and quick element or parts replacement. It is configured in an ultra-lightweight, modular design to ensure portability and adaptive layout.

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Capture, Contain, Treat and Dispose: Solutions for CBRN Decontamination

TECWAR Systems' decontamination runoff environmental defense on-site treatment (DRED OST) is the final stage in CBRN decontamination and containment.

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