Cyalume Technologies Chemical Light Solutions and IED Training Explosion Simulators


Cyalume Technologies provides chemical light solutions for military forces and law enforcement worldwide.

It has developed a range of ChemLight® and SnapLight® light sticks which allow users to mark, signal and identify using chemical light.

Cyalume recently broadened its area of expertise to other tactical training devices with its improvised explosive device (IED) training explosion simulators product line.

Training explosion simulators for modern combat preparation

Law enforcement forces and security services use Cyalume’s explosion simulation devices (ESD) to replicate highly realistic training environments to help trainees immerse themselves in true-to-life situations.

These ESDs enable new recruits to be prepared to face modern combat and counter terrorism operations.

The technology used for this product line is a combination of carbon dioxide, a powder to simulate smoke signatures, and rubber tubes that create an audible effect.

Explosion simulation devices available in this product line include a variety of IEDs, hand grenades that replicate the US M67, anti-personnel landmines, and suicide bomber vests. All of these devices are non-pyrotechnic simulators, except for the HG1 Hand Grenade, which contains a 1.4S class pyrotechnic initiator.

Chemiluminescent lighting for use by law enforcement agencies and first responders

As a key player in the tactical light market for military forces, Cyalume aims to expand its expertise, and now offers solutions to law enforcement agencies and first responders, such as the police and fire service.

The Cyalume® chemiluminescent lighting line consists of approximately 100 products, covering both visible light and infrared items. The firm’s products meet and exceed all requirements specified by defence and safety players alike.

Tactical lights, marking and identification lights, hazard warning devices, personal protective equipment, and rescue lights are included in the Cyalume® product line, as are evacuation systems.

The firm offers a wide range of lighting products in various colours, shapes and sizes. With a simple press or bend to activate, the Cyalume® ChemLight® light sticks provide instant light from a duration of five minutes to 12 hours, depending on the product form and light intensity choice.

Light sticks and accessories to signal, mark and identify

Cyalume’s wide range of innovative light sticks and marking emitters are used by law enforcement and first responders in a variety of applications, even underwater. These include areas of operations marking obstacles / hazards, routes and traffic control point as well as agent or operator marking.

Light sticks and marking emitters are also used for risk areas and secure areas, gathering area marking, traffic control visibility at night (vehicle lane night patrol), rescue operations / rescue-at-sea, evacuation, egress route lighting, and search-and-rescue operations.

Cyalume offers different markers, which are available both in visible or infrared light, for helicopter landing zones, drop zones (bundle drops), for medical triage (MEDEVAC operations), and evacuation procedures. Circular or rectangular markers can also be used for vehicle / personnel identification, building searches, and trail marking.

REACH compliant and phthalate-free

ChemLight® and SnapLight® products are registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals (REACH) compliant and phthalate-free.

They are also ATEX-certified and can be stored in areas that contain combustible mixtures of gases or liquids.

With its ISO:9001 certification, Cyalume guarantees the highest quality standards.

The unique production process meets and exceeds military specifications, making Cyalume the sole manufacturer which products have been technically checked and approved to display Nato stock numbers (NSN) on all ChemLight® brand products.

Evacuation systems for situations of power failure

With an easy-to-locate glowing photoluminescent label on a front cover, LightStation® is a fire-resistant case that contains SnapLight® light sticks.

When the front cover is pulled open, all SnapLights activate to provide instant illumination, flooding an area with portable light for evacuees.

LightStation® provides assurance that a safe light will be available when the power goes out.

Reflective and photoluminescent products for identification

Cyalume offers a wide range of reflective and photoluminescent products, such as PT-Belt with velcro and loop, sew-on rolls, and tapes. These can be used as emergency equipment, identification of rescue teams, or to facilitate evacuation procedures in the dark.

Infrared powder for intruder identification

ToTaL IR™ is a non-toxic, infrared powder that resembles dirt, which can detect intrusion into restricted areas and shows the direction travelled.

It sticks to things such as shoes, tires, clothes, money, and contraband, allowing intruder identification.

After mixing two powders, you get an immediate and powerful infrared emission for three to seven days that is only visible with night vision equipment.

Available in loam and brown, ToTaL IR™ is used by military forces and law enforcement units in burglary investigations, as well as for complaints on public nuisance or intrusions, and for crime scene and area monitoring.

The powder is also used for narcotics investigations, illegal border crossings, illuminating caves, kill zones or dead space (beyond line of sight), marking targets, and directing fire.

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