NEC supplies facial recognition system to South Wales Police

NEC Corporation, through its unit NEC Europe, has supplied facial recognition system to South Wales Police in the UK.

This system makes use of NeoFace Watch, which is NEC's flagship facial recognition software platform.

This platform provides high precision in recognition.

Besides using NeoFace Watch as real-time CCTV surveillance system, it provides still image and recorded video face search, thereby helping to boost security even in crowded locations such as airports and stadiums.

South Wales Police has installed NeoFace Watch with CCTV cameras mounted on several police vehicles.

The police is using this technology to boost its real-time surveillance capability to locate persons of interest on pre-determined watchlists.

South Wales Police assistant chief constable Richard Lewis said: "Facial recognition technology will enable us to search, scan and monitor images and video against a range of offender databases leading to faster and more accurate identification of persons of interest.

"This has been borne out by the recent arrest of a 34-year old man from Cardiff who was wanted for a recall to prison. He had walked past several officers on a main street in Cardiff before he was identified by the cameras and it is probably an arrest we would not have made at any previous time."

NEC Europe head of global face recognition solutions Chris de Silva said: "NEC is committed to providing valuable solutions for society and we will continue proposing innovative new solutions using face recognition, both in the UK and around the world."

Deployed in 47 countries, NeoFace Watch is used by government and commercial organisations.


Image: Police vehicle equipped with facial recognition system. Photo: courtesy of NEC Europe Ltd.