Beijing Public Security Bureau receives AW139 helicopter

The Beijing's Public Security Bureau Fire Fighting Department has received AW139 intermediate twin engine helicopter from AgustaWestland.

The new aircraft has been designed to support Beijing Police missions such as fire fighting and disaster relief mission in and around Beijing as well as law enforcement missions.

AW139 is a new-generation medium twin-turbine helicopter designed to be able to perform flexible multirole operations in hot and high environmental conditions.

With a maximum range of 1,061km, the helicopter has an endurance capacity of more than five hours with a maximum cruising speed of 165k.

AgustaWestland helicopters are used by China operators to conduct missions including law enforcement, disaster relief, fire fighting, harbour pilot shuttle, water pollution monitoring, VIP, utility and passenger transport.

Operators of AgustaWestland helicopters in China include Guangxi Province and the Public Security Bureau of Nanning, Ordos, Zhejiang and Shenzhen.

The AW139 features a wide range of SAR equipment including wire strike protection system, search/weather radar, night sun searchlight, emergency floatation systems, and an advanced cockpit with fully integrated avionics system and automatic flight control system.

Around 180 customers from over 50 countries have ordered a total of 660 AW139 helicopters and about 500 helicopters of the class are currently in service across the globe.