Marauder Patrol Protected Utility Vehicle, South Africa


Marauder Patrol is a new lightweight 4x4 protected utility vehicle developed by South African defence and aerospace company Paramount Group. The vehicle is designed to serve military, police, peacekeeping and special operations forces.

The versatile vehicle was launched at the Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012 (AAD 2012) exhibition. It was also demonstrated at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference 2013 (IDEX 2013) held in Abu Dhabi.

The protected patrol vehicle provides superior mobility and offers increased ballistic protection against kinetic energy and ballistic threats. It can be deployed to provide more efficient and quick response in high-intensity operations in extreme environmental conditions.

Marauder Patrol variants

The lightweight Marauder Patrol protected utility vehicle is offered in two variants: Marauder Patrol Police SUV and Marauder Patrol double cab pick-up.

Maverick is an Internal Security Vehicle (ISV) manufactured by Paramount Group for internal security and police forces.

The double cab pick-up variant is fitted with four doors and accommodates two crew and up to three personnel. It has a height of 1.95m, curb weight of 2,950kg and a gross vehicle mass (GVM) of 3,500kg.

The Police SUV variant is equipped with five doors and can carry two crew and up to seven personnel. It has a height of 2.13m, curb weight of 2,950kg and a combat weight of 4,800kg.

Marauder Patrol design and features

The Marauder Patrol protected vehicle is based on the 4x4 chassis of the Toyota Land Cruiser, and is equipped with a variety of key design elements of crew comfort and ergonomics to deliver improved performance, reliability and adaptability.

The patrol vehicle has a width of 2.08m and a wheel base of 3.18m. The approach and departure angles of the vehicle are 42° and 35° respectively.

The vehicle is equipped with a standard under dash air conditioning system to provide more comfortable working conditions for the crew. It is also integrated with communication devices, 12V electrical system, personal equipment and other systems.

The vehicle can be optionally fitted with a variety of weapon stations, run flat inserts (RFI), auto transmission system, radios, intercom and surveillance systems. Add-on armour kits can also be installed in the vehicle to provide additional security from a range of threats.

Protection features

The lightweight protected patrol vehicle is equipped with ballistic protection of up to STANAG 4569 Level 1 standard. The vehicle withstands the explosion of M26 fragmentation hand grenades and can protect the crew from 7.62mm and 5.56mm rounds as well as shell fragments.

"The Marauder Patrol protected utility vehicle is based on COTS Toyota driveline components."

The ballistic protection standards can be further upgraded to STANAG Level 2 based on the customer's requirement.

Marauder Patrol engine and performance

The Marauder Patrol protected utility vehicle is based on COTS (commercial off the shelf) Toyota driveline components. It is powered by a turbo-diesel engine, which generates a power of 128kW and a torque of 398Nm. The power pack also consists of a five-speed transmission system.

The vehicle features 285/75R16 tires, hydraulic disc brakes at the front, and drum brakes at the rear. The vehicle can negotiate up to 60% gradients, 30% side slopes, and 600mm ditches. It can cross a vertical step of 300mm and fording depth of 700mm without preparation.

The vehicle can attain a maximum road speed of more than 120km/h. The pick-up variant has a range of 800km on road, whereas the SUV version offers a range of 500km. The turning circle of the vehicle is 15m.

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