Project 10410 (Firefly) Border Patrol Boat, Russia

Project 10410 patrol boat

The Project 10410 (Firefly) border patrol boats are designed by Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau to perform a variety of missions for the Border Service of Russia. The boats are built by JSC Almaz Shipbuilding Company and Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant (JSC YSZ).

Mission capabilities of Project 10410 include border protection, patrolling, compliance monitoring, protection of natural resources, fishery protection, policing, protection of coastal communications and offshore installations. The boat can also be used to attack air threats, enemy submarines and swimmers.

Orders and deliveries

Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant built four Project 10410 border patrol ships for the Border Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia in 2011 and another four in 2012.

A Project 10410 vessel (hull number 312) built by Almaz Shipbuilding Company for the Russian Border Service was launched in May 2015.

The Project 10412, an export version of the Project 10410 border guard ship, entered service with the Republic of Vietnam Navy in 2002.

Project 10410 border patrol ship design

The border patrol boat's all-welded hull is made of low-alloy steel materials and its superstructure is manufactured using aluminium-magnesium alloys. The independent cathodic protection system protects the hull from corrosion even in difficult marine environments.

The boat has an overall length of 49.5m, width of 9.2m and a full load displacement of 375t. It can accommodate up to 40 crew members.


The patrol ship is armed with 16 Igla man-portable air defence systems (MANPADS) to attack fast and manoeuvrable targets. It is fitted with one 76.2mm-calibre AK-176M gun with 152 rounds of ammunition, as well as one 30mm-calibre AK-630M gun with 3,000 rounds of ammunition to fight against coastal, sea and air targets.

The boat also features two OTA-40A-2 torpedo tubes for destroying surface and underwater targets. Two ?RG-1 or two DP-64 anti-diver grenade launchers provide self defence from enemy combat divers.

Sensors onboard Project 10410 patrol boat

The Project 10410 boat is equipped with an MR-123-01 or MR-123-02 fire control radar system, operating in both automatic and standby modes, to track, detect and evaluate coastal, sea and air targets. It uses Pallada sonar for the detection of underwater threats.

Navigation and communications

The patrol vessel is installed with a variety of navigational systems including Gorizont-25 integrated navigation system, ?R-212/201 navigation radar, PAL-N navigation radar, Liman navigation radar, and S? 3101 satellite navigation equipment.

"The boat has a full speed of 30k, a cruising range of 2,200nm and an endurance of up to ten days."

The onboard communications systems include Rubin-E or Buran-6E automated communications system, internal communications devices, announcing system, loudspeaker and other communications systems that comply with the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) requirements.

Propulsion and performance of Project 10410 patrol boat

The propulsion system consists of three M-520 type diesel engines and three propeller shafts. The maximum power generating capacity of each engine is 4,800hp. The boat is installed with a three-phase, AC 380V, 50Hz electric generating system. It also features fuel tanks, lubricating oil tanks, and air intake and gas exhaust systems.

The boat has a full speed of 30k, a cruising range of 2,200nm and an endurance of up to ten days.