Baltic 2403 Patrol Vessel, Estonia

Baltic 2403

Baltic 2403 Patrol is a series of advanced, multi-role fast patrol vessels (FPVs) developed by Baltic Workboats, a company based in Estonia, for patrol missions in harbours, coastal areas and territorial waters.

The versatile patrol boat can be deployed in maritime surveillance, border control, fisheries and environmental protection, firefighting, search and rescue (SAR), civil protection and diving operations.

Baltic 2403 Patrol orders and deliveries

Lithuanian Border Guard Service placed a €3.4m contract with Baltic Workboats for a Baltic 2403-class patrol vessel in the second half of 2014. The vessel, named Aleksandras Barauskas (103), was launched in June 2015 and delivered to the Lithuanian Border Guard in July 2015.

"Lithuanian Border Guard Service placed a €3.4m contract with Baltic Workboats for a Baltic 2403-class patrol vessel in the second half of 2014."

Baltic Workboats received a contract from Swedish Coast Guard (SCG) to design and build five patrol boats based on Baltic 2403 class, in June 2009. The design of the vessel was completed by October 2010. The first boat (KBV 312) was delivered to the SCG in June 2012 followed by the second (KBV 313) in September 2012, the third (KBV 314) in November 2012 and the last two in June 2013.

Design and features of Baltic 2403 Patrol

The ice-strengthened hull of Baltic 2403 Patrol is made of marine-grade aluminium. It offers lower resistance and superior sea-keeping in all weather conditions. Extruded aluminium panels were used to avoid welding and reduce weight.

The 53t patrol boat measures 26.5m-long and 6.2m-wide and can accommodate five crew members. It has a bollard pull capability of 10t and can operate in up to 5cm crushed ice. It is capable of carrying 5,000l of fuel, 700l of water and 250l of wastewater.

The deck equipment on Baltic 2403 Patrol constitutes a 5.5m rigid-inflatable boat (RIB) and a crane for handling the RIB and other onboard equipment.

Navigation and communications

The patrol boat incorporates a full electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) with radar overlay and 27in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) on workstations. The navigation equipment aboard the vessel is fully integrated in Conning system.

The Ocean Eagle 43 trimaran ocean patrol vessel is intended to meet maritime surveillance needs of government organisations and research agencies.

The integrated alarm, monitoring and control system (IAMCS) display handles all alarm and monitoring, alarm acknowledgement and electrical system functions. The vessel is equipped with forward looking infrared (FLIR) camera for patrol and rescue missions during night.

Steering of the boat during docking and normal driving is performed through a joystick in place of a steering wheel. The vessel is also installed with state-of-the-art navigation and communication equipment and two radars.

Accommodation on Baltic 2403 Patrol

The onboard accommodation facilities include single bed cabins with washroom for five personnel. The vessel is equipped with full air-conditioning, overpressure ventilation system with waste heat recovery, and carbon filter for missions in contaminated environments.

The resiliently-mounted lower accommodation units minimise noise and vibration levels. The noise level at full speed in accommodation areas is 63dB.


The patrol boat is powered by Volvo Penta IPS 1050 propulsion system, which integrates three D13-800 main engines and IPS 3 fully-integrated pod units. The engines develop a total power output of 1,764kW.

The propulsion system provides a maximum speed of 33k when fully loaded and ensures the vessel to reach 20k in 7.5s. It offers up to 40% lower fuel consumption while reducing CO2 and NOx emissions. The vessel can attain a range of 600nmi.