SCGPS Topaz handed over to Seychelles Coast Guard after refit

Seychelles Coast Guard Patrol Ship (SCGPS) Topaz has been handed over to Seychelles Coast Guard Commander Colonel Simone A Dine after it completed an 11-month refit.

The refit programme, carried out by the Indian Navy at the Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam, involved upgradation of the ship's equipment to make it a strong force in the arsenal of Seychelles Coast Guard.

Naval Dockyard Admiral Superintendent Rear Admiral Narayan Prasad handed over the ship, which was previously known as INS Tarmugli.

From March last year to January this year, the ship underwent a medium refit at Naval Dockyard.

Last year, SCGPS Topaz arrived in India at the time of the International Fleet Review at Visakhapatnam for the refit programme.

Several upgrades in machinery, equipment and habitability were undertaken as part of the refit.

It is now fitted with modern navigation, communication and weaponry to improve performance.

In 2005, India gifted SCGPS Topaz to the Government of Seychelles to bolster the partnership between the two countries.

Used as a patrol vessel by Seychelles Coast Guard, the ship is a fast attack craft which served the Indian Navy from 2001 to 2005 before being handed over to Seychelles.

Image: SCGPS Topaz arrived in India last year during the International Fleet Review at Visakhapatnam. Photo: courtesy of Indian Navy.