Norwegian Coastal Administration to receive new multipurpose vessel from Rolls-Royce

The Norwegian Coastal Administration is set to take delivery of a new multipurpose vessel from Rolls-Royce.

The new 46.6m-long and 12m-wide OV Ryvingen will be the government agency’s second vessel to combine traditional diesel power with battery-driven operation.

Norwegian Coastal Administration project manager Kurt-Ivar Gram Franck said: “We named our first hybrid vessel last September. Later that year, it was named Vessel of the Year in Denmark, where it was built.

“We are now taking this concept one step further, and are looking forward to taking delivery of a ship that is even more innovative and environment friendly.”

The Ryvingen is equipped with a battery pack that with will have an available capacity of 2,000kWh.

This vessel has the ability to run on battery power alone for several hours, without using the diesel engine.

In addition, the batteries will provide power when the vessel is docked and can be recharged from an onshore power supply in ports, Rolls-Royce stated.

The Ryvingen can store and reuse heat from the vessel’s engine in an environmentally friendly manner to heat the crew’s quarters when the ship is in port.

In addition to the hybrid system with two generators and the battery pack, Rolls-Royce will deliver a Bergen main engine, permanent-magnet azimuth propulsion propellers and thrusters, the automation system, SAVe CUBE electrical system, Dynamic Positioning (DP), and control systems for the vessel.

The vessel is expected to be delivered by the end of next year.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration’s Bøkfjord and the Ryvingen multipurpose vessels can perform operations relating to oil spill protection and the maintenance of shipping lanes.

Image: The OV Ryvingen will be Norwegian Coastal Administration’s second vessel to combine traditional diesel power with battery-driven operation. Photo: courtesy of Norwegian Coastal Administration/Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted.