Lockheed Martin and Interset enter commercial cyber partnership

US-based Lockheed Martin has entered into commercial cyber partnership with Canadian science and technology company Interset at the 2016 Gartner Risk and Security Summit conference in National Harbor, Maryland.

Lockheed Martin Commercial Cyber has expertise in developing, implementing, maintaining and securing critical infrastructures.

The organisation follows an Intelligence Driven Defense philosophy, which focuses on collecting information from those who seek to attack, and using it against them.

Lockheed Martin Commercial Cyber vice-president Angie Heise said: "Insider Threats pose one of the highest risks to an organisation, and thefts by malicious insiders are projected to double by 2017, approaching half a trillion dollars annually.

"Today, we are proud to announce a key partner for our insider threat detection solution, Interset Software. Interset's unique, market-proven approach to User Behavioral Analytics (UBA) complements our Wisdom Insider Threat Identification's (ITI's) award-winning capabilities.

"Interset's depth in the UBA market and big data approach to detecting insider threats makes them an ideal fit for Lockheed Martin."

On the other hand, Interset Threat Detection Platform makes use of machine learning, patented predictive analytics and risk-based scoring to automate the process of sifting through terabytes of events to detect and surface true inside threats.

Interset CEO Dale Quayle said: "Lockheed Martin has built the definitive, proactive solution to combat insider threats, which remain the most common type of attack on sensitive data.

"Combining Lockheed Martin's Wisdom ITI solution and Interset's UBA platform gives customers unprecedented ability to correlate human behaviour and IT systems behaviour, to offer a complete insider risk picture across employees, consultants and contractors.

"Investigators can accurately gather contextual data, surface the threat and quickly react to high-risk incidents."