Helotes Police Department joins COPsync Network

COPsync, a US-based technology company, has stated that Helotes Police Department in Bexar County, Texas, has joined its communication and information sharing Network.

The company claimed that its network system connects law enforcement officers and agencies nationwide, and provides access to a national database of non-adjudicated law enforcement information.

COPsync CEO said: “The Company is conducting pilot programs with the San Antonio PD and with the Sheriff's Office for Bexar County, the county where the San Antonio PD is located.

“The addition of Helotes Police Department adds to the Company's growing footprint in the San Antonio area and creates another benefit for these two agencies to join the COPsync Network.

“We continue to add new agencies and revenues to the COPsync Network as we work to 'tip' the state of Texas -- with the objective of adding virtually all of its law enforcement officers and agencies as subscribers to the COPsync Network.”

The company further added that its network has been used to rescue kidnapped children, protect schools from threats and save the lives of law enforcement officers.

Helotes Municipal Court administrator Andrea Goff said: “The COPsync Network will help protect our police officers by providing them with real-time information about the vehicles and persons they come into contact with.

“The ability to share time-sensitive information with other agencies in Bexar County and Texas as well as with thousands of officers across the nation helps keep our officers and citizens safer.”