Carmanah's Sabik to supply remote monitored LED lanterns for Norwegian coastal waters

Carmanah Technologies' subsidiary Sabik has agreed to provide remote monitored LED lanterns to the Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket).

Under the agreed terms, Sabik will supply 1,200 lanterns equipped with remote monitoring solutions over the next three to four years.

The lanterns include short and medium range LEDs; omnidirectional sector lights; leading lights; and short range self-contained lanterns.

Carmanah Technologies CEO John Simmons said: “Product connectivity has been deeply embedded in Carmanah and Sabik’s strategy, and we are looking forward to the positive changes these solutions will provide to our customers in the field, saving them operational costs and reducing outages.”

The $2.1m deal is said to be the largest single contract that Sabik has signed for monitored lanterns to date.

The remote monitoring solution integrated in all Sabik products is claimed to reduce the operational challenges regarding the maintenance, positioning and monitoring of aids to navigation (AtoN) infrastructures.

The Norwegian coast has challenging conditions and difficult-to-navigate waters, Carmanah stated. The need for AtoN infrastructure is very high due to the country’s more than 1,000 fjords and over 200,000 islands.

Sabik's other advanced monitoring and programming tools LightGuard Monitor and Bluetooth Control are expected to enhance marine navigation.

Its products have been designed to ensure safety at sea in all coastal regions and inland waters around the world.