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ApexO is a Canadian company that offers manufacture and consultancy ballistic solutions for the law enforcement, defense, security and governmental forces.

ApexO prides itself on working alongside clients to produce custom-made solutions, with a focus on accuracy, reliability and performance. The company’s consulting services in ballistics, statistics, investigation and process/product optimization have been employed by various well-known organizations.

Ruggedized ballistic calculator

The company was founded in 2005 by Benoit Dufresne, whose wide-ranging experience in ballistics, statistics, ammunition development and industrialization has been used to create the ApexO firing system (AFS®), an integrated solution developed to answer a sniper’s needs that were not answered by any ballistic calculators on the market.

The AFS has grown to become the most precise and intuitive ruggedized ballistic calculator in the world.

ApexO Firing System

The ApexO Firing System (AFS) is a complete integrated sniper system that provides detailed analysis and mission preparation to the user. It is the only system in the world to provide both precise scope adjustments and analysis of shot results, all while managing the systems / weapons components.

ApexO created the AFS by using its own proprietary ballistic algorithms, instead of the general dated formulae used in most ballistic calculators. The bullets too were analyzed and developed using detailed and sophisticated computer simulation and scope adjustment. As a result, the AFS is the only ballistic system with the ability to manage internal, intermediate, external and terminal ballistics.

Accurate sniper system

Unlike other sniper systems, the AFS combines precise information from the sniper’s projectile velocity, aerodynamic properties, and other determinable factors to establish the projectile’s flight. By using precise information on the sniper and the ballistic rather than generic and approximate ballistic coefficients, the AFS sniper system can provide detailed information on the entirety of the bullet’s flight.

The AFS is the only sniper system that can automatically adjust the zero of a weapon, thereby eliminating the need to fire several rounds at different distances to create a correction table.

Although the AFS was developed using sophisticated technology and algorithms, it features a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls.

The AFS’s accuracy and easy-to-operate controls has made it the first choice in sniper systems amongst the most prestigious police and military sniper units worldwide. Sniper ammunition manufacturers have also validated and adopted the AFS sniper system.

The AFS also features synchronization technology, to create the most precise and complete sniper solution on the market. Users can synchronize their handheld PC with the main system to create highly accurate calculations that will enable shots to hit their mark on the first shot.

Ballistics optimization consultancy services

ApexO can help businesses and government agencies realize their ballistics and statistical needs through the company’s in-house ballistics software and extensive experience. ApexO’s consultancy team can help clients develop new products, or optimize and analyze their current product models in fields such as flight behavior, dispersion and maximum range. For products currently in development, the ApexO team can calculate statistical analysis, conduct investigations and process optimization of products, and ensure they qualify according to certain industry standards before they are approved for the manufacture process.

Clients are also given location flexibility, with the ApexO team able to work from the company’s offices or from remote locations.

Customized computer software and electronics solutions

In addition to its ballistics capability, ApexO designs and develops computer software and electronic solutions, and stocks an extensive selection of ruggedized mobile computers and carrying cases.

ApexO provides clients with a customized solution that is designed specifically for their organization, and enables clients to avoid the hassle of adapting off-the-shelf products to suit their requirements. In addition its customization service, ApexO goes one step further by providing data collection and detailed analysis to increase the efficiency and productivity of a client’s product.

Clients that choose ApexO’s flexible, customized solutions receive customer support by a professional, experienced and dedicated team.

ApexO commits to providing clients with innovative, customized and premium solutions that reflect the company’s professionalism and experience.

For results in the field, ApexO is your solution.

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Press Release

ApexO to Exhibit at DSEI 2017

Canadian-based consulting services provider ApexO will be exhibiting at this year's Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI).

ApexO Inc.

58 Cherrier, Suite E

Repentigny (Quebec)

J6A 3Z3


+1 450 841 3357 www.apexo.ca

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Press Release

7th September 2017

Canadian-based consulting services provider ApexO will be exhibiting at this year's Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI).

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ApexO Inc.

58 Cherrier, Suite E

Repentigny (Quebec)

J6A 3Z3


+1 450 841 3357 www.apexo.ca

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