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ABnote is an industry leader in identity cards, smart card solutions, instant issuance solutions, cheques, financial cards, driver’s licences and high-resolution barcodes. The company is the longest-established supplier of secure transaction products, services and logistics in Australia and New Zealand, employing around 600 people.

ABnote has a large portfolio of clients that includes many of Australia’s major banks, federal and state governments and many large commercial businesses. ABnote’s technological competencies and integrated service mean that companies are increasingly outsourcing to us because they simply do not have the resources to match our services in-house.

ABnote’s products and services include:

  • Identity cards
  • Identity systems and image capture
  • Printers
  • Financial cards
  • Gift, fuel, membership cards
  • Passports
  • Smartcards
  • Personalisation (cards and documents)
  • Documents (letterheads, carriers, pamphlets)
  • NFC (near field communications)
  • Cheques
  • PINs
  • Barcodes
  • Labels
  • Fulfilment and postage management
  • Multi channel solutions (email, sms, archival system, fax, encrypted URL links)


  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System
  • AS/NZS 4360:2005 Risk Management
  • VISA & MasterCard accredited for ecurity, Card Manufacture & Personalisation

Identity and security cards

ABnote is a specialist in identity and security that has a wealth of expertise. Whether it is image capture, card manufacture, card personalisation or local printing solutions, you can rely on us.

Our solutions combined with our expertise, together with various equipment and solution partners, will bring an end-to-end solution in this highly specialised field. We provide covert or overt security features as part of our card printing solution offering.

Some of the security features are as follows:

  • Clear core PVC: transparent PVC reduces the ability to de-fraud the card by photocopy or desktop printer
  • Watermark images: can be printed between the cores and will only show when held to a strong lighting source
  • Guilloche pattern: can be printed in one-colour that overprints other patterns and signatures or personalisation elements. The complicated pattern will readily show tampering of the elements it laps into.
  • Micro text or microprint: reverse micro text can be used to appear as a line or border. Under examination this text will not be readable with most duplicating processes.
  • UV invisible inks: can print in a variety of colours when viewed under a UV light source, both long or short wave lengths.
  • Optically variable ink’s: colour shift is a simple authentication by the man-on-the-street or agent. This is based on advanced light interference technology that cannot be replicated with commercially available material.
  • Metallic or pearlescent Ink: the ink cannot be mimicked by colour copiers or reproduced by scanning and reprinting. These inks change appearance when views at different angles, and can be applied to a pre-printed card.
  • Colour coded magnetic stripes: using the same high-quality encodable media with variable colours such as red, blue or gold stripes to add another level of security
  • Destructible signature panel: is a non-permanent type making any tampering by physical or chemical means very noticeable
  • Scratch-off panels: are used to apply a destructive top coating over variable data to prevent public viewing
  • Holograms and hot stamped graphics: are special optically reflective patterns applied to the surface of the card

Instant issuance card solutions

ABnote’s industry-leading card enrolment and card production software enables you to produce your own security, credit and identity cards from your own computer.

ABnote enables you to develop your own branding, visual design and content while enjoying the latest in-built security card protection features, without having to invest in costly external expertise and equipment.

ABEnterprise (secure enrolment and production software) is an easy, cost-effective way to produce as many or as few cards as you wish at your own convenience.

The unique ABEnterprise technical features include:

  • ISO and ICAO compliant enrolment capability
  • Card designer
  • Data importation
  • Outsourced or locally printed
  • Data security
  • Secure card production

Anti-fraud technologies

Increasing fraud and security concerns are regularly cited as a major factor with respect to individuals moving away from online services to more expensive channels. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is unique amongst anti-fraud technologies and is placed to appease these fears. We offer a complete range of 2FA solutions, whether managed in-house or outsourced, as well as a smartcard reader.

Barcode generation technology and metal labels

ABnote pioneered barcode generation technology in Australia 30 years ago and is still the most prominent specialist in delivering barcode solutions around the globe today.

ABnote’s experience and stringent processes ensure the highest quality and accuracy; we work with many industries across multiple applications from asset labels for corporate requirements to highly durable solutions that suit manufacturing and outdoor applications.

We believe our extensive range, product quality and reliability is the best on the market.

Backed by our fully tailored solutions, comprehensive advice, personalised service and competitive pricing, you can be assured that you are working with the right partner to deliver your barcode needs.

Mobile solutions

ABnote have developed Near Field Communication mobile solutions to enable the cellular device to be used as both smartcard and smartcard reader.

Potential uses:

  • Alternative method for card provision
  • Card authentication

With this new development, ABnote now makes it possible to have either an ID card or mobile ID. Each mobile ID system is customised to be compatible with agencies infrastructure and will always have ABnote internal support. ABnote also make everything manageable through the one app, where cards can be stored in a wallet.

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