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unival is a German company with more than ten years of experience in government and corporal protection and security. We operate in more than 35 countries worldwide with highly-trained distributors to provide and manufacture specialist solutions in the fields of blast, ballistic, and information protection systems, as well as intelligence, counter-monitoring, counter-measures, access security, surveillance and physical security.

Our experience working in high-risk areas and emerging markets has shaped our understanding about the needs of our government and corporal clients to produce solutions that are of the highest standards, with outstanding customer-related service and reliability.

Call-encrypted communication

The ATGcall communications technology combines hybrid and end-to-end encryption to protect worldwide phone calls and conferences against eavesdropping and tapping. Our system is made to the highest standards and functionality while ensuring the interface is user-friendly and provides our clients with premium voice quality. Users can communicate through the system regardless of their local network operator, as it compatible with every IP supported network.

Unlike other encryption processes, ATGcall does not require a key to be stored on any server. Instead, the hybrid encryption process uses asymmetric encryption to generate a Diffie Hellman key generation and key exchange, and a symmetric encryption for the actual speech and conference calls. The keys are generated on each terminal device and can only be activated verbally, which provides all users with greater communication protection by erasing any danger of ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks.

Tested by German IT-governance industry specialist HISolutions, ATGcall has been proven nearly impossible to intercept on phone calls or conferences, unless the communication device is not manipulated directly. ATGcall has been used by governments, embassies, police, military, and special forces all over the world, and is well-regarded for its high standard of security and reliability.

Counter monitoring systems

PCM1 communication security technology protects users against any concealed listening devices. Essentially, the PCM1 uses digital fingerprints to survey rooms and cars in a matter of seconds against devices in the frequency spectrum up to 15,000Mhz.

Each counter monitoring system consists of two head components, a high-end scanning receiver, antennas, probes, a fast tax laptop and other accessories that are all portable in size and weight. They can be charged with rechargeable batteries or a network component, and regular software updates enable the monitoring system to stay current with changes in the industry. The PCM1 offers some of the following features:

  • Extremely broad frequency range of 10kHz-15gHz
  • High reception sensitivity
  • Very fast sweep (15gHz in four seconds)
  • Automatic identification of digital radio transmitter sources
  • Different options to display the frequency range like waterfall, digital, real, etc.
  • Simultaneous demodulation and having the adjusted carrier audible signal during continuous sweep
  • Exact pinpointing of analog bugs through handheld sonar
  • Silent detect for noiseless detection of bugs

Handheld counter monitoring system

For situations that require lightweight, discreet counter monitoring, unival’s HCM1 HF Detector provides effective, fast bug sweep solutions wherever a professional sweep with the PCM1 system is not possible. Comprised of three antennas on different frequency bands, the HCM1 can conduct fast fieldstrength sweeps and measurements of offices, homes, hotel rooms and people in the range of 10MGz to 12GHz. Despite its small size the HCM1 counter monitoring system enables the user to detect bugs and transmitting signals in real-time through its visual and audio signals.

Stationary jamming systems

The SWJ1 stationary jamming system is a fully-programmable solution that protects buildings and perimeters from unwanted communication and potential IED threats from radio controlled IEDs. Whether used in stand-alone operations or incorporated into network-control operations, the SWJ1 can jam frequencies up to 6,000MHz. The modular design of the system allows easy exchange of all system components, cable ducts for professional cable routing and real-time system temperature monitoring for ease of usage for clients. Jamming techniques include:

  • One programmable FPGA and 12 programmable DDS AD9910
  • Sweeping (with programmable features)
  • Hopping (with programmable features)
  • Barrage (DDS simulated barrage with full signal in the whole band, programmable output power)
  • Spot (programmable start/ stop frequency, programmable bandwidth, programmable output power)
  • Channel raster (programmable channel ranking, output power, speed and modulation)
  • Programmable modulation in all jamming modes (modulation from 1Hz up to 3GHz)

uniguard signature protection

We can provide clients with a customised protection solution through our multi-consultancy service. uniguard’s team of senior security experts, with the support of international federal authorities, creates tailored solutions that match the requirements of our clients and improve on their already-established system. In particular, we offer clients realistic risk assessments based on individual scenarios, along with tailor-made training sessions. This service ensures the client’s organisation can actively practice preventive measures and skills and sustainably reduce risk to their protection and security operations.

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