HMAS Arunta crew participates in training exercises with USCG in Bahrain

Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Arunta has reached Bahrain as part of her first port visit after it commenced its operations from the Middle East and honing its skills for the future patrols.

The visit to Bahrain has given an opportunity to the parties boarded on the Arunta to conduct a training exercise with the US Coast Guard as well as with agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service at the US Coast Guard Patrol Forces Southwest Asia Training Facility located in Bahrain.

Arunta’s boarding parties revealed that the US teams have given them in-depth briefings and hands-on training using specialised search equipment.

Leading Seaman Marine Technician Christopher McDougal felt the training provided a realistic experience.

Leading Seaman Marine Technician Christopher McDougal said: “The training was extremely helpful, especially being able to conduct deeper level searches on an actual fishing dhow.”

McDougal further explained that training programme provided a realistic experience.

USCG chief petty officer Chris Ramirez said: “We love having the Australian Navy here, the sailors were so engaging, asking questions and getting involved.”

Ramirez further added that the enthusiasm from both boarding parties led to a very effective training environment.

Arunta will be operating as the multi-national Combined Maritime Forces, as well as it will be supporting international efforts to promote maritime security, stability and prosperity in the region.

Image: Arunta’s boarding parties conducts training exercise along with USCG in Bahrain. Photo: courtesy of Royal Australian Navy.