Elbit Systems unveils new surveillance solution for homeland, defence needs

Israel-based defence electronics company Elbit Systems has launched SkEye WAPS, a new airborne wide-area persistent surveillance solution for homeland and defence missions.

The system provides overall situational awareness of ‘on-the- ground’ intelligence data and enables several number of users to receive real-time and high-resolution imagery.

Elbit Systems president and CEO Bezhalel (Butzi) Machlis said: “Elbit Systems’ SkeEye WAPS system is a game changer in homeland security missions, enabling forces to analyse and retrace the steps of terrorists and criminals in an extremely large area, providing them with timely and valuable data in life threatening situations.”

Compared to the conventional devices that can record only the area the Electro Optic (EO) payload was viewing, SkEye WAPS continuously records a wider area and offers the users the ability to select real-time or ‘back in time’ video footage within the covered area.

The device allows analysis of up to ten Regions of Interest (ROI) simultaneously using video footage from the recent and previous missions.

SkEye WAPS can be used by defence and law enforcement agencies to respond to natural disaster recovery events, terrorism and homeland security threats.

It provides clearer picture in less time and facilitates the decision making process.

The system consists of an airborne segment that includes an EO sensor unit, an advanced image processing unit, a large mass storage unit and analysis applications.

Through an embedded data link, all relevant information can be transmitted from the aircraft to the SkEye, Control and Management Center (SCMC) and integrated with the customer’s Command Control (C2) solution.

SkEye WAPS is also equipped with a fully-programmable alerting system that will notify the authorities about unusual events through a customised alert mechanism.

Installed in various types of unmanned aircraft vehicles and light aircraft, the device is already operating in multiple countries globally in different defence and homeland security missions.

Image: SkEye WAPS on-board Hermes 900. Photo: courtesy of Elbit Systems Ltd.