Coban Technologies launches new police dash cams

Coban Technologies has launched a new police in-car video system, which uses live artificial intelligence (AI) based video analytics to allow law enforcement officers to quickly identify vehicles and other objects while performing their policing duties.

The new police dash cam system was unveiled during the 124th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference and Exposition at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Known as Coban Focus H1, the police dash cam system is designed to improve situation awareness and responsiveness of assisting officers by allowing them to analyse live video from inside the car safely and efficiently.

Los Angeles Police Department Tactical Technology Section officer-in-charge sergeant Daniel Gomez said: "In-car real-time video analytics have the potential to make policing more efficient, but more importantly, the technology can help with our efforts to reduce crime and the fear of crime in our community.

"We see this type of technology improving how we serve the community in the future."

According to Coban, the FOCUS H1 system can be trained to find a range of objects, such as vehicle make and model, faces, weapons, dangerous movements or behaviours, as and when new crime-fighting needs emerge.

COBAN Technologies CEO Doug Dickerson said: "We've seen dangerous trends emerge over the last several years, ranging from potential terrorist or mass shooting threats to dangerous interactions between law enforcement and the public.

"This new video platform utilises advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to allow for the creation of brand new applications to help address these challenges.”

The FOCUS H1 serves as a digital evidence hub by consolidates digital evidence from multiple sources, including up to six HD quality cameras, body cameras, and other sources.

Integrated with existing DVMS and COMMAND digital evidence management software suites, the system operates in hot and cold climates and preserves backup copies of all evidence.

Image: COBAN Focus H1 in-car video system.  Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / COBAN Technologies, Inc.