Canada and Israel launch cyber-security, intelligence fund

Canada and Israel have launched a new venture fund that will invest in next-generation cyber-security, intelligence and physical security technologies.

The AWZ HLS Investment Fund's investors include prominent Canadian firms and advisers include people from Israeli cyber-security and intelligence firms.

HLS GP, the fund's Toronto-based general partner, executive director Yaron Ashkenazi said: "There is no real cyber-security without advanced intelligence and physical security as well, and without all three acting together.

“Our investments will be focused on bringing premier technologies in these three critical elements from Israel, a global leader, to Toronto, an emerging technology hub."

The fund has already invested in two Israeli companies, Octopus Systems and Siga Data Security, with plans to invest in other Canadian and Israeli companies.

Octopus Systems' physical security information management system (PSIM), Octopus, is a combination of a security management software and a smart phone application.

Using Octopus, organisations will be able to effectively manage all their security, safety, cyber and operational requirements from one place.

Siga Data Security's SigaGuard will help critical infrastructure and industrial organisations monitor and detect anomalies in the operation of their SCADA-controlled, mission-critical operational assets.

SigaGuard is said to monitor electrical signals that cannot be hacked or manipulated, and it uses machine learning and predictive analysis to detect anomalies in real time.