Software Management to Meet Government Agency Standards

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SolarWinds is a provider of robust and cost-effective software for IT management, with clients ranging from government bodies, to education organisations and small business operations.

Solutions provided by the company enable simplicity for all users regardless of IT experience, with Cloud-based access to all vital infrastructure areas. Clients can provide direct feedback in product development through our online thwack community, as well as generate additional ideas and interact with other users.

Management software for government organisations

SolarWinds has set-up an office in Herndon, Virginia, specifically to improve services to US Government organisations such as the DoD and intelligence agencies.

To provide support to European government organisations, the company set-up its National Government team in Cork, Ireland, in 2015. The Ireland-based team reports to the federal office in Herndon.

Numerous government agencies around the world are served by SolarWinds, including the US Army and Air Force, Nato, Nasa, the UK MoD and National Health Service (NHS), Turkey's Ministry of Health and the European Parliament.

Working in collaboration with partners, SolarWinds provides renowned software and IT management solutions to government and military clients.

Improving cost-effectiveness of government IT operations

The group vice-president of SolarWinds' federal operation is David Kimball, who set up the division in 2010 and has seen it become a multi-billion dollar business in its own right in parallel with SolarWinds' further commercial expansion.

A member of the American Council for Technology (ACT) Industry Advisory Council (IAC), Kimball is in regular contact with industry experts and keeps at the forefront of the latest trends and challenges faced by IT professionals. In addition, Kimball recognises the role of technology in improving government operations.

Government customers in the EMEA region benefit from this thinking through the solutions and products provided by SolarWinds' European team.

Increasing simplicity of IT management software

We focus on increasing operational simplicity for IT professionals, eliminating the complexity found with products elsewhere on the market.
IT management solutions from SolarWinds' cover operation systems, networks, databases and infrastructure. All software has been designed in accordance with the stringent security and quality standards required by government bodies and defence agencies.

SolarWind provides IT professionals with optimised management software designed for government use, increasing the ease of their daily responsibilities.

About SolarWinds

Founded in 1999, SolarWinds has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, US, with a worldwide workforce of more than 1,700 throughout 11 offices in Europe, Asia and Australia.

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