TECHWAN Command and Control Systems for Homeland Security Operations

TECHWAN is a leading supplier of cutting-edge command and control systems for operational and crisis management in the homeland security sector.

TECHWAN’s incident management system is at the centre of the company’s products, working alongside a series of modules such as mass mobilisation, mobile solutions, event planning, as well as several user dashboards.

This modularity, along with the latest state-of-the-art technology, has enabled TECHWAN to meet demanding client requirements and succeed in a rapidly evolving market.

Advanced command and control systems for homeland security applications

TECHWAN’s solutions are consistent with the latest market trends and lead the industry in many areas.

The company’s systems offer a richness of architecture and a wide range of options. Supported operating systems include Windows Server, Linux and Mac OS X, as well as both SQL and PostgreSQL databases. Applications can be installed on dedicated servers or in public and private Clouds.

TECHWAN’s systems boast full integrated audio communication and video interfaces that facilitate the automation of processes and enable the integration of external systems.

Internal and external data mining is available to assist users with critical decision making while geographic information services are also included and supported by most market suppliers.

Reliable modular safety systems for the defence industry

Key benefits of TECHWAN’s systems are their modularity and scalability, which provide users with the ability to easily deploy and scale thousands of workstations without any interruption to service.

Solutions can be supplied with an alternative ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) mode, with 24/7 worldwide customer support provided through all phases of the system’s deployment and operation.

TECHWAN’s systems are renowned for their uncompromising reliability. The implementation of a redundant and replicated architecture means that failure of a single component does not affect the system’s ability to operate effectively.

Flexible system architecture for a range of security requirements

The company is able to meet the evolving demands of the homeland security sector due to the flexibility of its SAGA ecosystem, which prevents the need to redevelop a solution for individual client requirements.

SAGA is an advanced multi-layered, services-oriented (SOA) system featuring a single, modular, highly flexible user interface that is ideal for the management of civil defence and police forces. It features more than 6,000 fixed and 75,000 mobile workstations, all individually notified.

TECHWAN’s industry-leading system architecture can be deployed on both a Microsoft and Linux software framework, allowing customers to select the implementation that best suits their technological requirements.

Command and control systems for military clients

TECHWAN has supplied its solutions to a number of high-profile clients in the homeland security sector. This includes the French Nationale Gendarmerie, who selected the company due to SAGA’s suitability for its demanding command and control requirements.

The French National Police (FNP) selected SAGA for the management of emergency calls and interventions. The FNP also operates SAGA Crisis for its national crisis centre, as well as an intermediate SAGA module for law enforcement operations and major event management.

In addition to French public security, SAGA is trusted by several army, police, fire, ambulance, and border guard clients. TECHWAN can supply a solution for any department and company.

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