Supacat Utility Vehicle 600 (SUV 600), United Kingdom


The new 6x6 Supacat Utility Vehicle 600 (SUV 600) from the UK-based engineering and design company Supacat is designed to meet the emerging operational requirements of emergency services and utility operators globally.

The SUV 600 specialist vehicle can be configured to serve in police, fire and rescue, ambulance, and outside broadcast vehicle roles. A low roof design features on the police and fire and rescue variants, whereas the ambulance and the outside broadcast variants are designed to have a high roof and a stretched body.

Unveiling of the SUV 600 took place at the Emergency Services Show, which was held in the UK in September 2013.

SUV 600 specialist vehicle design and features

Marauder Patrol is a new lightweight 4x4 protected utility vehicle developed by South African defence and aerospace company Paramount Group. The vehicle is designed to serve military, police, peacekeeping and special operations forces.

The SUV 600 has a 6x6 drive train and offers increased physical space to accommodate a range of heavier and larger payload systems. It can be optionally equipped with 6x4 high- and low-range configuration for on-road and off-road driving conditions.

The specialist vehicle has a length of 5.9m, width of 2.02m, height of 1.84m, and a track of 1.61m. The wheel base between the front and centre wheels is 2.88m, whereas between the middle and rear wheels is 1m. Front and rear overhangs of the vehicle measure in at 0.72m and 1.29m respectively.

Gross vehicle weight of the Supacat Utility Vehicle is 5,300kg and its kerb weight is 2,800kg. The vehicle can carry payloads weighing up to 2,500kg and provides seating for up to four people.

The vehicle can be optionally equipped with an active locking differential in the rear axle for increased traction in all driving situations. It can also be configured with a variety of equipment, including heavy-duty towing eyes, run-flat tyres, right-hand drive (RHD) or left-hand drive (LHD) configurations, roof rails, privacy glass, auxiliary battery and split charge system, as well as a self-recovery winch, rear tow bar, heavy-duty seat covering, bumper monitor, and Catogory 3 Airfield fire appliance.

Engine details of the Supacat utility vehicle

The three-axle SUV 600 is powered by a 3L turbocharged V6 diesel engine rated at 255hp. Its engine is coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission system.

"The SUV 600 specialist vehicle can be configured to serve in police, fire and rescue, ambulance, and outside broadcast vehicle roles."

The vehicle is fitted with power-assisted steering and four-channel all-terrain anti-lock braking system (ABS) with ventilated disc brakes. Its independent double-wishbone air-adjustable suspension provides superior ride comfort.

SUV 600 performance

A speed of 160km/h can be achieved by the SUV 600 specialist vehicle and it has a fuel range of 805km.

The vehicle can wade through water depth of 700mm, with it having approach and departure angles of the vehicle are 36° and 30° respectively. The ramp over angle is 27° and ground clearance is 300mm.

SUV 600 Fire and Rescue Services variant

The Fire and Rescue Services version of the SUV 600 specialist vehicle is configured with a separate functional box body at the rear section. It is equipped with an integrated water tank, which has a storage capacity of 500l.

The pump compartment consists of Godiva HPX75, high-pressure booster hose and reel pump. The vehicle also features LED lighting systems, Foamlogix® foam proportioning systems, Godiva HPX75, 2,000l stowage capacity, and an additional 750kg fire equipment.

A compressed air foam system (CAFS) with integral foam tank can be optionally installed on to the Fire and Rescue Services variant.

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