Steber 38 Marine Rescue Vessel, Australia


The Steber 38 marine rescue vessels are designed and manufactured Steber International, a boat manufacturer based at Taree, New South Wales, Australia. The vessels are in service with the Marine Rescue New South Wales (NSW) and can be deployed to execute fast response search-and-rescue, stringent survey, increased level of safety missions in NSW coastline.

Steber International launched a new 38ft marine rescue vessel named SLR (super long rescue) 3800 for use by the Marine Rescue Forster Tuncurry in the Manning River, in May 2014. The vessel has been built to the new National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV).

Steber 38 orders and deliveries

The Marine Rescue NSW has been operating a Steber 28 vessel at its Broken Bay since 2009. The authority procured Steber 38 marine rescue vessels to replace the ageing fleet of more than 70 craft for improved rescue capabilities.

The Long Range Interceptor-II (LRI-II) is a cutter boat designed and developed by MetalCraft Marine US, for the US Coast Guard (USCG).

The first Steber 38 marine rescue vessel, BM 30, was launched by the Marine Rescue NSW Batemans Bay in February 2011 and commissioned in April 2011. The BM 30 is the Marine Rescue NSW's first major offshore rescue vessel and is stationed at its home port Batemans Bay.

Marine Rescue NSW Shoalhaven commissioned the SA 30 vessel in August 2011. The third vessel (IY 30) was commissioned by the Marine Rescue NSW Iluka / Yamba in September 2011. The Marine Rescue NSW Ulladulla commissioned a UL 30 marine rescue vessel, which replaced the former boat Arun class Encounter.

Steber 38 marine rescue vessel design and features

The Steber 38 marine rescue vessel features a long cabin and can be operated by a minimum crew of four. The vessel offers superior safety, security and comfort conditions for the crew.

The vessel has an overall length of 12.2m, measured length of 11.38m and a waterline length of 9.83m. The beam and draft of the vessel are 3.84m and 1m respectively and the loaded displacement is 10.5t. The Steber 38 has a fuel capacity of 1,350l and a water tank capacity of 100l.

The Steber 38 class also consists of rescue and security vessels which can be used for police fisheries and charter operators.

Navigation and communication equipment

The Steber 38 marine rescue vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art Raymarine navigation equipment, which offers versatility and superior visibility.

Furuno's FA-150 Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponder is also fitted to provide improved navigation safety. It can be integrated with radar, electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) and electronic chart system (ECS) to display AIS data on them. The FLIR night vision camera devices are equipped to support search-and-rescue missions during the night.

"The Steber 38 class also consists of rescue and security vessels which can be used for police fisheries and charter operators."

The vessels are also fitted with Icom's marine radio electronics, very high frequency (VHF) radio direction finding (RDF) communication equipment, and advanced first aid systems such as Australian Defibrillators cardiac defibrillator and oxygen therapy.

Propulsion and performance

The Steber 38 marine rescue vessel is powered by two Yanmar 6LY3-STP diesel engines, which generate a maximum power output of 324kW (434hp) each at a rate of 3,300rpm. The 24-valve, four-stroke, vertical water cooled diesel engine comprises of six cylinders in line and has a dry weight of 640kg. The bore size and stroke length are 106mm and 110mm respectively.

The engines, coupled to KMH61A marine transmission, are equipped with intelligent electronic control system.

The vessel sails at a maximum speed of 32.5kt, when fully loaded and can perform Marine Rescue NSW missions within a range of 15nmi. It can conduct missions up to a range of 30nmi offshore in all weather conditions.

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