SKYe SH09 Light Single-Engine Helicopter, Switzerland

skye sh09

SKYe SH09 is a new-generation, single-engine, multi-role helicopter designed and developed by Marenco Swisshelicopter. It was unveiled during the Heli Expo 2011 held in Florida, US.

The helicopter offers high-performance and increased operational flexibility in law enforcement, search-and-rescue (SAR), observation, surveillance, and other police missions. It can also be deployed in passenger transport, medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), emergency medical services (EMS), fire-fighting, utility, cargo / external load transportation, and flight training / instruction operations.

The prototype of the SKYe SH09 helicopter was rolled out in November 2013 and it performed its maiden flight on 2 October 2014. Production of the helicopter is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2015.

In June 2013, Marenco Swisshelicopter selected Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, a division of Donaldson Company, to provide fuel filtration system for the SKYe SH09 helicopter.

Orders and deliveries of SKYe SH09

Marenco Swisshelicopter received a contract for three helicopters at the Heli Expo 2014, with the company signing letters of intent for a total of 59 SKYe SH09 helicopters by March 2014.

Design and features of SKYe SH09 helicopter

A light, multi-purpose helicopter designed and built by Bell Helicopters and Korea Aerospace Industries.

The airframe of the light SKYe SH09 helicopter is constructed using composite materials and high crash-resistance technology. It offers extremely low- noise signature and requires low operating costs. The helicopter is capable of performing missions in all-weather conditions during day and night.

SKYe SH09 is fitted with bearing-free, all-composite, five-bladed 11m main rotor that offers high manoeuvrability. Its tail rotor is shrouded and has a diameter of 1.2m. The helicopter also features tubular skid landing gear.

The standard empty weight is approximately 1,300kg, augmented sling load capacity is 1,500kg and the maximum takeoff weight is 2,650kg.

The single-volume cabin has high ceiling and flat floor. It is fitted with seven individual crashworthy seats with multiple seating arrangements to provide greater comfort and safety for the occupants.

Its cabin's front section is attached with sliding doors on both sides and large windows for vertical reference and greater visibility. It is fitted with large clamshell doors at the rear to facilitate increased accessibility.

SKYe SH09 cockpit and avionics

"The cockpit incorporates advanced flight systems, large area displays, enhanced graphics, NVG-compatible lighting components, primary flight display and an optional video display."

The SKYe SH09 helicopter is installed with Sagem's ICDS 8A PFD/EMS modular, digital glass cockpit, which offers enhanced safety and increased situational awareness. The cockpit incorporates advanced flight systems, large area displays, enhanced graphics, NVG-compatible lighting components, primary flight display and an optional video display.

The cockpit can be optionally installed with traffic awareness system display interfaces, storm scope, data recording capabilities, and improved fuel management function. It complies with satellite-based navigation, communication and surveillance requirements.

SKYe SH09's propulsion

The light multi-purpose helicopter is powered by Honeywell's electronically controlled HTS-900-2 single turboshaft engine, which generates a takeoff power of 998shp and a maximum continuous power of 891shp.

The engine is equipped with advanced dual channel FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system, single crystal turbine blades and an effusion-cooled combustor. The dual centrifugal compressor of the engine provides increased power output, while reducing the fuel consumption.


The SKYe SH09 helicopter can fly at a cruise speed of 270km/h. It can achieve a range of over 800km with standard fuel tanks, and can operate in hot and high conditions.

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