OVIK CROSSWAY Multi Role Armoured Vehicle, United Kingdom


The CROSSWAY family of multi-role armoured vehicles (MRAVs) is manufactured by OVIK. The vehicles provide multiple armoured solutions to meet modern operational requirements of homeland security and law enforcement agencies.

The MRAV family can be modified to conduct multi-role missions such as secure transportation of personnel, counter-terrorism, assault, public order, armed response and all-terrain logistics. It is available in multiple body configurations including armoured, semi-armoured, public order/riot control, counter terrorist or multi-role police.

OVIK received first order for the CROSSWAY MRAV from an undisclosed UK police force in April 2013. The vehicles will be deployed in firearms support and counter terrorist missions.

The CROSSWAY MRAV, in basic architectural configuration, received Type 'T' Type approval from the UK Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) in December 2013.

CROSSWAY MRAV design and features

The OVIK CROSSWAY MRAV family is based on the unique 280 STRIVE chassis developed by OVIK. The chassis provides the vehicle up to 5t gross vehicle weight (GVW) in 4x4 configurations and up to 6t GVW in 6x6 formats.

RG12 is a multipurpose armoured security vehicle (ASV) manufactured by Land Systems OMC, a business division of BAE Systems in South Africa.

The optimum internal space, ergonomics and complete modularity were achieved after extensive research by the CROSSWAY design team. The inputs gathered from a variety of end-users such as police specialist firearms units, special forces and specialist humanitarian agencies were implemented in the design.

The internal space of the CROSSWAY is configurable and can accept modular systems for conducting a range of missions without impacting centre of gravity, performance and mobility characteristics. The vehicles can be integrated with OVIK tactical systems including AR-VAULT in-vehicle storage system, assault platforms, assault steps and weapon mounts.

The CROSSWAY MRAV 4x4 measures 2.77m in length, 1.74m in width and 2.11m in height. The vehicle can carry up to 2,000kg of useable payload.

Self-protection features of OVIK's MRAV

The CROSSWAY MRAV safely transports people, equipment and logistics in hostile environments. The vehicles are protected against a range of ballistic threats including B6/B7 and STANAG level 1. The protection can be increased to STANAG level 2 or more to ensure crew survivability in specific areas.

The armoured capsule of the vehicle avoids the need for modifications to the original vehicle's architecture and delivers better protection with zero ballistic leakage. The weight efficient hull ensures the carriage of sufficient payload for conducting missions.

The vehicle integrates robust composite bonnet and wings, and fire resistant fuel lines. The armoured variants of CROSSWAY are optionally fitted with sliding transparent armour, firing ports, integrated surveillance systems, drop-down under-skirt side shields, and forward and rear drop down under shields.


The CROSSWAY MRAV is powered by V8 diesel or petrol engines. The diesel engine options range from 2.8l to 3.2l while patrol engines are available with 4.5l option. The engine is coupled to either 5-speed or 6-speed automatic/manual transmission.

"The explosive resistant fuel tank fitted to the vehicle provides a maximum range of 500km."

The explosive resistant fuel tank fitted to the vehicle provides a maximum range of 500km. The vehicle can be optionally provided with a long range fuel tank ensuring the CROSSWAY to reach a maximum distance of 800km.


The CROSSWAY MRAV is a permanent four wheel drive or rear wheel drive vehicle fitted with custom-made STRIVE 17-inch alloy wheels. The tires can be equipped with an integrated central tyre inflation system (CTIS) and run flat tire inserts. The vehicle offers high mobility even in rocky terrains, sand dunes and icy conditions.

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