M2-35 Catamaran Patrol Vessel, United States of America

M2-35 patrol boats

The M2-35 catamaran patrol vessels designed and built by Moose Boats, an aluminium boats and catamarans manufacturer based in California, are operational with a number of police agencies in the US.

The vessel can be configured for a variety of missions such as patrol, search-and-rescue, law enforcement, military, harbour security and emergency medical services.

M2-35 patrol boats orders and deliveries

The US Navy awarded a contract to Moose Boats to procure eight M2-35 patrol boats for harbour security operations in Norfolk, Virginia, in September 2009. The first two vessels were delivered in May 2010.

A 35ft vessel was delivered to Anne Arundel County, Maryland, in September 2010 to support the law enforcement, emergency medical services and fire-fighting missions of the county's police and fire departments.

The New York City Police Department (NYCPD) received a M2-35 fire / rescue boat in August 2013 to perform search-and-rescue, recovery and patrol duties in New York Harbor and the East and Hudson Rivers.

A 35ft dive / patrol boat was delivered to the Long Beach Police Department in Long Beach, California, in December 2013.

A law enforcement version of the M2-35 vessel was delivered to the Placer County Sheriff's Office in Carnelian Bay, California, in November 2015. The new boat is intended to replace a 28ft aluminium mono-hull vessel that has been operational with the Placer Sheriff since 1988.

Design and features of the M2-35

The M2-35 vessel's all-aluminium wide catamaran hull offers increased stability and superior sea-keeping capabilities. It features rugged design and offers high manoeuvrability.

The overall length of the vessel is 35ft and the loaded waterline length is 27ft. The vessel has a beam 13ft, a dead rise of 15° at the aft and a displacement of up to 17,000lb.

The deck is outfitted with large grab rails, fore and aft bollards, anchor and ground tackle stowage, hybrid / foam fendering collar, and bow and spring line cleats. It can be optionally provided with power assist steering, weapon mounts, air-conditioning system, electric anchor winch, side dive doors, electric generator, heated windshield glass, and fire-fighting system.

Electrical systems installed in the 35ft vessel include 30A 12V DC distribution system and multiple DC battery banks.

Cabin details of the catamaran

The small, fully-enclosed, all-weather cabin, featuring ballistic nylon upholstered crew seats, provides comfortable seating for up to four personnel. Outfitted with large windows tempered on all sides, the cabin offers crew with all-round view of the horizon. A single door at the rear of the cabin facilitates entry and exit for the personnel.

"The vessel can be configured for a variety of missions such as patrol, search-and-rescue, law enforcement, military, harbour security and emergency medical services."

The folding masts mounted on the roof of the cabin house various electronics equipment. A helm and navigation control station located in the cabin supports a variety of navigation and communications equipment.

Other features of the cabin include thermal and sound insulation as well as overhead view ports. The interior can be modified to support different mission requirements.

Sensors onboard 35ft patrol vessel

Multiple radar and communication antennae aboard the patrol vessel provide improved situational awareness. The vessel's navigation and control systems include loudhailer / siren, searchlight, Icom and Motorola radio communications, horn, navigation lights, Furuno navigation suite, direction finder, Hella interior, deck and navigational lights, and an optional thermal imaging camera.

M2-35 propulsion and performance

Power generated by two Yamaha 350hp Outboard engines aboard the vessel provide a cruise speed of 30kt and a maximum speed of up to 40kt. The vessel can carry 240 to 300 gallons of fuel and can be offered with different engines, based on the customer requirements. The range offered by the vessel is 300nm.