Cyclone Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), Canada


The Cyclone 4x4 armoured personnel carrier (APC) was developed and manufactured by STREIT Group, and unveiled at the AUSA annual meeting and exposition held at Washington DC, US, in December 2013.

The light armoured vehicle is primarily intended for use in law enforcement and security missions. The US Air Force granted Internal Air Transport Certification to the Cyclone APC in September 2014. The certification allows for transportation of the vehicle aboard the USAF's C-130, C-17 and C-5 aircraft.

"The light armoured vehicle is primarily intended for use in law enforcement and security missions."

STREIT Group supplied nine Cyclone SWAT vehicles to a number of state law enforcement agencies of Mexico by September 2014.

Cyclone APC design and features

The Cyclone APC features CEN level B6 structural integrated armoured body, which is based on the chassis of 2011 Ford F550 4x4 vehicle. The APC can accommodate six to ten fully-equipped riot control or SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) personnel for law enforcement and security missions.

The APC is offered in four-door configuration, which can be customised according to the operational requirements. The vehicle has an overall length of 6m (237in), width of 2.48m (97.7in) and a height of 3.1m (122.2in) with turret and 2.37m (93.6in) without turret. The vehicle has a curb weight of 7,869kg (17,350lb) and gross weight of 8,969kg (19,775lb). It can carry payloads weighing up to 1,099kg (2,425lb).

The C-27J Spartan tactical transport aircraft incorporates the same propulsion system and advanced avionics as the C-130J Hercules Transporter.

The Cyclone APC can be fitted with OEM climate control system, non-lethal engagement systems, and engine and under-body fire suppression systems. It includes sirens and public address systems that can be used during crowd control events. It also features main and auxiliary A/C and AM/FM radio with two speakers.

Armament and self-protection

The vehicle is mounted with a 360° traversing turret to accommodate customer-specific weapon systems. It also includes seven gun ports, ensuring the occupants to aim and fire personal weapons in a convoy escort assault scenario.

The vehicle protects the crew from ballistic assaults, and also offers protection against light mine and grenade blast scenarios. It can be armoured up to B7 ballistic standard. The heavy-duty bumpers fitted to the vehicle allow the vehicle to survive damages from crashes.

Cyclone APC engine

The vehicle is powered by a 6.7l V8 turbo diesel engine, which develops a power output of 400hp at 2,800rpm and generates a torque of 800fp at 1,600rpm. The engine is coupled with electronically controlled automatic transmission system.

Mobility of Cyclone APC

The Cyclone armoured personnel carrier comes with 335/85 R20 or 12.5 R20 with 20 x 11 wheels, including military standard wheel rims and run-flats. It includes reinforced suspension and braking systems, as well as power steering, and heavy-duty electric winch and tire jack.

The high-mobility of the Cyclone APC ensures effective patrols in tight urban areas. The vehicle can be transported within a 40ft-high cube container. The turret and fenders are to be removed and palletised for transportation.

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