Latest Industry Projects

M2-35 Catamaran Patrol Vessel, United States of America

M2-35 Catamaran Patrol Vessel

Project 12260 (Yastreb) High-Speed Patrol Boats, Russia

Project 12260 (Yastreb) High-Speed Patrol Boats

RadSeeker Handheld Radioisotope Detector, United Kingdom

RadSeeker Handheld Radioisotope Detector

TRACE-PRO Explosives Trace Detector, United Kingdom

TRACE-PRO Explosives Trace Detector

AW609 Tiltrotor Search and Rescue (SAR) Aircraft, Italy

AW609 Tiltrotor Search and Rescue (SAR) Aircraft

Rantis Komodo 4x4 Tactical Vehicle, Indonesia

Rantis Komodo 4x4 Tactical Vehicle

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