Blighter B400 Series E-Scan Ground Surveillance Radar, United Kingdom


The new generation B400 series e-scan frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) doppler ground surveillance radars (GSR) are developed by Blighter Surveillance Systems, a Plextek Group company, for military, government and commercial security applications.

The B400 series radar can detect small and slow-moving objects on both land and over the sea. It can be used in persistent coastal surveillance, perimeter security, homeland security, critical infrastructure protection, inland water surveillance, and national border security.

The radar can be operated under all weather conditions during day and night.

Orders and deliveries of Blighter B400 e-scan radars

The FREEDOM on-the-move (FOTM) is a mobile video surveillance system (MVSS) manufactured by Strongwatch Corporation.

The Blighter B400 e-scan ground surveillance radars were installed to improve perimeter security at Heathrow Airport, London, in May 2012.

In October 2012, Blighter Surveillance Systems introduced the new N5S extended-range antennas to increase the Blighter B400 radar's capabilities in border, area, and perimeter security applications.

The Blighter B400 radars were deployed by Siemens to conduct perimeter monitoring at its national infrastructure site in Europe in June 2013. The Centennial Airport selected the Blighter B400 radars in May 2013.

Blighter Surveillance Systems was awarded a contract by the South Korean Armed Forces in October 2013 to supply Blighter B400 series radars to monitor the 4km-wide Korean demilitarised zone (DMZ).

In November 2014, Blighter Surveillance Systems announced the addition of a sea wave clutter filter to extend the Blighter B400 radar's capability to coastal and harbour security.

Blighter Surveillance Systems awarded a contract to Unlimited Technology in February 2015 to supply Blighter B400 radars to protect the perimeter of a military air base in the Middle East.

Blighter B400 design and features

The Blighter B400 e-scan radar employs frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) and Doppler processing techniques. It operates in the Ku band and supports multi-radar operation, and can be mounted high on a tower or on top of a hill.

The radar is 666mm wide and 503mm high, and consumes less power. It performs fast, modular scanning between 90° and 360° and has a wide-band operating frequency range between 15.7GHz and 17.2GHz, as well as a narrow-band operating frequency range between 16.2GHz and 17.2GHz.

Passive electronically scanned array (PESA) technology is incorporated into the main radar unit, as is signal processing, GPS, plot extractor, compass, and antennas. The auxiliary radar unit is, however, equipped with PESA modules alone.

The radar's battery / regulated power supply unit generates 12V to 28V and has an input voltage range of 12V to 24V. It also features dual 2590-type batteries, which provide continuous operation for up to 12 hours.

The detected information such as target latitude / longitude co-ordinates and range is transmitted through a 10/100 Ethernet communications network interface.

Blighter B400's auxiliary communications networks include RS-232 and RS-422 control lines, opto-isolated control / status inputs, and isolated switched contact outputs.

Windows API software library and generic interface control document (ICD) software are used with the radar.

Configurations of Blighter B400 radar

The Blighter B400 series e-scan surveillance radars are available in four configurations: B402, B422, B432, and B442. The Blighter B402 consists of one main radar unit and performs a 90° e-scan in azimuth angle.

One main radar is featured on the B422, as is one main radar unit and one auxiliary radar unit. It also offers a 180° scan angle.

The Blighter B432 radar is composed of one main and two auxiliary radar units, while the B442 has one main and three auxiliary radar units. Azimuth scan angles of the B432 and the B442 are 270° and 360°, respectively.


"The B400 series radar can detect small and slow-moving objects on both land and over the sea."

The Blighter B400 e-scan radar's modular design allows it to be easily configured with a variety of antennae, such as M10S, W20S and N5S for optimal long-range coverage in any terrain conditions.

Elevation beamwidths of the M10S and the W20S antennae are 10° and 20°, respectively. The N5S field interchangeable antenna has an elevation beamwidth of 5° and offers enhanced detection capabilities up to a range of 15km.

Performance of Blighter B400 radar

The Blighter B400 e-scan ground surveillance radar is used to scan and detect crawling / walking persons, moving vehicles, large moving vehicles, jet-skis, moving rigid-inflatable boats, fast-moving boats, and large moving vessels at different ranges between 4.6km and 32km.

The radar can detect up to 700 targets per scan and one false alarm a day.

It can withstand temperatures ranging from -32°C to +60°C, and can be protected against dust and water jets.

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