ASIS 9.5m Rigid Inflatable Boat, United Arab Emirates

9.5m RIB with Ullman shock mitigating seats.

The 9.5m rigid inflatable boat (RIB) is manufactured by ASIS Boats, a manufacturer of high-quality rigid inflatable boats, to address the specific mission requirements of government agencies, maritime law enforcement agencies, coastguards, and police and naval operators in both inland and coastal waters.

The boat is suitable for a range of missions such as anti-piracy, maritime security, search-and-rescue, surveillance, and maritime special operations. It can also be customised for commercial use in transportation and oil and gas operations.

Orders and deliveries of the rigid inflatable boat

ASIS delivered a 9.5m RIB to the Police Authority of a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) government in August 2013. They completed the delivery and training of mission-specific, fully equipped 9.5m rigid hull inflatable boats in August 2015 to the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) in Bandar Seri Begawan.

Design and features of 9.5m RIB

The rigid inflatable boat features ASIS' deep V-shaped hull with concave reverse chine design. The hull and superstructures are made of fibreglass to create a lightweight structure, which facilitates easy launch and recovery. The hull shape is designed to reduce wetted surface and friction drag.

The boat features foam or air-filled Hypalone 1670 Dtex Tube inflatable collars, which offer increased stability and reserve buoyancy, increased load carrying capacity, as well as inherent shock mitigation. The 9.5m-long RIB has a beam of 3.17m, tube diameter of 0.55m, an empty weight of 1,450kg, and a maximum weight of 2,950kg. The large internal deck area provides comfortable seating for up to 20 personnel including operators. The Ullman shock mitigating seats protect the occupants from injuries caused due to shocks and high waves of the open sea.

The RIB's standard features include double A-Frame, bow locker and engine guard, 12V electric supply unit. The boat can be optionally fitted with a stainless-steel T-top and electrical generators. It can be configured to incorporate a centre console, a pilot house or cabin, and can also carry life-saving equipment such as certified lifejackets.

Navigation and communications

The rigid inflatable boat can be equipped with advanced electronics and navigational systems according to the customer's mission needs.

The boat uses a wireless communication system to provide reliablity within demanding environments, and a marine radar for the identification and detection of targets. The onboard GPS navigator provides reliable and accurate positioning data. The law enforcement lights ensure safe operation at sea, while the FLIR infrared night-vision camera system provides day and night situational awareness.

The boat can also be equipped with a public announcement system, a marine VHF radio and a display unit.

"The boat is suitable for a range of missions such as anti-piracy, maritime security, search-and-rescue, surveillance, and maritime special operations."


The ASIS 9.5m rigid inflatable boat is powered by two four-stroke outboard or inboard engines, with a power generating capacity of 200hp each. The engines can deliver a combined maximum power output of 700hp.

The boat can carry up to 800l of fuel and 100l of wastewater.

Performance of the 9.5m rigid inflatable boat

The propulsion system provides greater fuel efficiency, high-mobility and increased operational range. The hull shape enables the boat to perform high-speed tactical turns even in rough sea conditions.