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15 December 2017
Latest Companies

Zappshelter - Flexible Protective Structures for the Homeland Security Sector

Barrett Communications - HF and VHF Radio Communications Equipment for the Security Industry

Copenhagen Sensor Technology (CST) - Ruggedised Electro-Optical Solutions for Surveillance

HESCO - Semi-Permanent Ground-Mounted Barriers for Perimeter Protection

ST Electronics
(Info-Comm Systems)
- Mission Critical Communications, Integrated Security and Emergency Response Systems

Press Releases

First Responders Support Dominica’s Rebuilding After Hurricane Maria
First responders from St Vincent and the Grenadines have recently travelled to the neighbouring island of Dominica to re-establish communications in the community of Wesley and to provide medical support to the community.

Barrett Provides Portable HF Radio Equipment for Specialist Rescue Team
Barrett Communications have provided portable high-frequency (HF) radio communications equipment to the West Midlands Fire Services (WMFS) for their specialist search and rescue team when responding to international emergencies.

Barrett Provides HF Radio for Air Traffic Control Towers for Peacekeeping Forces
Barrett Communications High Frequency (HF) radio communications equipment has been installed into armoured mobile air traffic control towers for use in African peacekeeping missions.

SMART Releases New HRS-M4 Solid State Drive with Opal 2.0
Designed to meet applications where temperature tolerances and resilience to extreme environments are as important as high-performance and reliability, the M4 is a security-rich, 1TB, multi-level cell (MLC) technology solution.

HESCO's Hard Armour Plates Chosen by US CBP to Equip and Protect Officers
HESCO's hard armour plates have been chosen by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to equip and protect their officers.

White Papers

SuperneT Unified Communications Suite
The SuperneT Unified Communication Suite (UCS) offers a comprehensive range of integrated communication solutions in four configurations to suit different operational requirements....

The New Generation of HF SDR
Barrett Communications has developed a new HF Software-Defined Radio (SDR) transceiver, the Barrett 4050 HF SDR, which incorporates a new generation of technology....

Qtalk Security Solutions
The evolution of wireless communications has spread enormously in corporations, enterprises and public institutions....

Zappshelter Company Brochure
With our inclement and unpredictable weather conditions, innovation is needed to keep projects on track and on budget....

Zappshelter Container Clamp System
This free white paper focuses on Zappshelter's unique container clamp...


Sustainability in the global defence industry
Sustainability is a priority in the defence industry in order to attract environmentally conscious customers. Using information gathered by ICD Research, homelandsecurity-technology.com details sustainability trends within the global defence industry in 2011-12.


50m Multi-Mission Offshore Patrol Vessels
Two 50m multi-mission offshore patrol vessels are being constructed to enhance law enforcement capabilities of the Philippine Government. Keels of both the vessels were laid at the Josefa Slipways shipyard in San Roque, Navotas city in the Philippines in January 2016.

M2-35 Catamaran Patrol Vessel
The M2-35 catamaran patrol vessels designed and built by Moose Boats, an aluminium boats and catamarans manufacturer based in California, are operational with a number of police agencies in the US.

Mi-171E Multipurpose Helicopter
Mi-171E is an advanced, multi-purpose helicopter produced by Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, a part of Russian Helicopters.

Project 12260 (Yastreb) High-Speed Patrol Boats
The Project 12260 (Yastreb) high-speed patrol boats are operational with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation.

SAFE 41ft Center Console-Offshore Interceptor Vessels
SAFE 41ft Center Console-Offshore interceptor vessels are designed and built by SAFE Boats International, an aluminium boat manufacturer based in Washington, US, for police and law enforcement applications.

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