Waterman Group gets selected to MOD's Army Basing Programme under Aspire Defence

Waterman Group has announced its appointment to the Ministry of Defence's Army Basing Programme which is delivered by Aspire Defence.

The undertaken programme aims to improve the working/living conditions and quality of life of Army soldiers.

The project is known as the Army Basing Programme (ABP) which is itself an extension of Project Allenby/Connaught (PAC) covering garrisons across Salisbury Plain and at Aldershot.

On 01 November, a construction and facilities management amendment worth over £1.1bn was announced to the existing 35-year long PAC contract.

It was the largest Private Finance Initiative (PFI) for defence estates let by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to Aspire Defence Limited in 2006.

In the next four years, new and enhanced garrison facilities will be completed by Aspire Defence Capital Works at Bulford, Tidworth, Perham Down, Larkhill and Aldershot (ADCW).

By 2020, 130 new buildings and over 2,600 additional bed spaces for single soldiers are scheduled to get created.

Waterman Group will be the engineering designer for over 50% of the development programme.

The value of the whole construction programme is estimated to be £680m.

Waterman Group CEO Nick Taylor said: “We are honoured to be involved in this prestigious scheme which will vastly improve the lives of British soldiers and civilians.

“We look forward to meeting the challenging requirements of the ABP and continuing to work with this experienced team at Aspire Defence, delivering each building on time and to the high level of quality expected of us."