Vard agrees to maintain five Norwegian Coast Guard vessels

Shipbuilding and repairing company Vard has agreed to provide maintenance for Norwegian Coast Guard vessels.

Valued at NOK48m ($5.7m), the deal covers five Coast Guard vessels for the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO).

Vard CEO and executive director Mr. Roy Reite said: “We appreciate our long term relationship with the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation, and are honoured to have been awarded this framework contract.

“Our shipyards build a broad range of specialised vessels, and have a high competence within conversions, repairs and maintenance.”

As per the terms of the framework agreement, Vard will provide ship maintenance and corrective maintenance of the Norwegian Coast Guard’s Nornen series of five vessels.

The agreement is initially valid for a period of four years and has an option to be extended for three more years.

Work under the agreement will be performed by Vard Langsten in Norway.

The NDLO is responsible for delivering logistics according to military needs which include procurement, investment, support, supply and maintenance of all weapon systems and military material in times of peace, crises and war.

With 9,000 employees, Vard currently operates nine shipbuilding facilities in Norway, Romania, Brazil and Vietnam.

The company is involved in the development of power and automation systems, deck handling equipment, and vessel accommodation solutions.

It also provides design and engineering services to the global maritime industry.

Image: Vard Langsten has delivered new buildings and conversions for the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation for many years. Photo: courtesy of Norwegian Armed Forces.