USCG orders 39 Response Boats-Small II

The US Coast Guard (USCG) has placed an order for 39 Response Boats-Small II (RB-S II) for approximately $15m.

The agency also ordered for associated equipment Metal Shark Aluminum Boats of Jeanerette, Louisiana, on 14 July.

The Coast Guard agency has ordered a total of 263 RB-S II. The order which will support the boat production, would be delivered by July next year.

RB-S II is 29 ft long speed-boat, which are used by the agencies for search and rescue, law enforcement, port security, environmental response, and drug and migrant interdiction.

These boats are specially designed for shallow waters, and can travel at a top speed of 40 knots and feature improvements to reduce crew fatigue. The RB-S II can be operated year-round in shallow waters along coastal borders.

The Coast Guard currently operates more than 400 Defender-class.

The 25-ft RB-Ss will gradually be replaced with RB-S IIs as they reach the end of their planned 10-year service lives. The RB-S II has been designed to provide higher functionality level as well as crew comfort.

The RB-S replacement is considered to be one of the largest purchases made by the US Coast Guard. The agency selected two vendors under a phased, competitive procurement method.

In 2011, the Coast Guard awarded a delivery order to the Metal Shark Aluminum Boats for the production of 38 RB-S IIs, for approximately $13m.  The contract also has a provision for the procurement of up to 500 boats.