US delivers 1,000 machine guns to LAF to improve border security

The US Government has provided more than 1,000 machine guns to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) to support the LAF’s efforts in enhancing border security.

A part of the ongoing US programme to improve LAF capabilities, the 800 heavy machine guns and 320 crew-served weapons will be added to the LAF’s existing battle-tested equipment.

It is expected that the guns will improve firepower along the Lebanese Republic borders and enable the LAF land border regiments to defend the respective border positions on schedule.

US Ambassador Elizabeth Richard said: “Today, I am happy to be with you to receive the latest delivery of equipment - equipment which we are confident will be directly employed to protect and defend Lebanon’s borders, and by the very nature of that act, Lebanon’s most valuable asset, its people.

“The weapons which you see displayed here today represent a much larger shipment of 800 0.50 calibre machine guns, 171 M240B machine guns and 148 M249 machine guns, valued at over $14m.”

In August last year, the US delivered several munitions such as 50 armoured Humvees with automatic grenade launchers, 40 howitzer artillery pieces and advanced Hellfire missiles.

The country also provided armed Cessna aircraft last December, which was used by the LAF along with the other equipment to target terrorist threats and protect its borders.

Image: US Ambassador Elizabeth Richard presents border security equipment to LAF. Photo: courtesy of US Embassy in Lebanon.