US DHS selects ViON DataAdapt platform to enhance analytics capabilities

The US Department of Homeland Security’s National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) has awarded a contract to IT enterprise solutions provider ViON to supply its enterprise-ready platform, DataAdapt.

Under the contract, the company will immediately deploy DataAdapt Information Security and Advanced Analytics platform on-premise to help extend the capabilities of NPPD’s current analytics platform.

ViON CEO Tom Frana said: “Investing in data analytics is a growing trend across Federal government as data volume continues to expand and the value and impact of that data increases.

“NPPD is leading the effort to protect the resilience of our nation’s infrastructure and we are pleased to deliver a working solution out of the box deployed within their data centre by our services team.

“Our solution is helping to drive NPPD’s critical mission with speed and efficiency and enables them to leverage disaster recovery infrastructure to do production workloads.”

Designed to provide strong storage and disaster recovery as well as additional compute and processing power, the platform allows NPPD to move existing data into a more cost-effective storage structure.

While DataAdapt supports NPPD’s production needs by providing additional compute, processing and analytics capabilities, the solution reduces the effort level required to backup data.

NPPD aims to protect and ensure a secure and enhanced resilience of the nation’s cyber and physical infrastructure.