US DHS orders 160 LE50 cameras and software from Force Protection Video

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has placed a further order with Force Protection Video Equipment for 160 LE50 cameras and VeriPic software.

This latest contract is a follow up to a previous order awarded in August 2016.

The LE50 is a rugged HD design body worn camera incorporated with the latest Ambarella chip sets (AMBA) to record high definition video.

It has been developed using current guidelines that law enforcement nationwide have written into their requirements for the purchase of body worn cameras for their officers.

Integrated with VeriPic Evidence Management Software, the body camera features audio announcements and uses white diode lighting.

According to the company, studies have shown that when people are aware of a recording their attitude changes and demeanour tend to turn more positive and less aggressive towards police officers.

The white diode lighting is safe to the human eye while cameras that use infrared (IR) lighting can be harmful due to the brightness of the IR light.

Additional design features of the camera include record time of ten hours @1080, 12 hours @720, 50 hours of standby time, 32GB of internal tamper-proof storage, GPS recording and 30-second pre and post record.

In June this year, the Amsterdam Police began implementing the LE50 HD body cameras for evaluation.