US Coast Guard receives new H-60 bridge tool kit from Varley

The US Coast Guard has taken delivery of the new H-60 bridge tool kits from engineering and manufacturing company Varley USA.

The H-60 Bridge Tool Set contains 17 specially-designed tools that help improve maintenance processes, thereby increase aircraft availability.

The tools are used for the removal and installation of 5-Pack (gearbox, two engine input and two accessory drive modules) components, which include forward and aft bridges, bellcranks, tie rods, eccentric bushings, and longitudinal support assemblies on H-60 aircraft.

Developed using materials and coatings to allow for zero maintenance-induced damage, the tools reduce 5-Pack maintenance hours by 75%.

Varley USA CEO Matt Hederstrom said: “We were able to utilise direct hands-on input from H-60 maintainers to ensure these tools were purpose-built with a goal for zero allowance of collateral component damage.

“We were able to achieve that goal while also helping to improve aircraft availability and reduce total maintenance hours from an average of 64 man-hours to remove 5-pack components to less than nine (9) man-hours per each main transmission disassembly, and achieved a 100% reduction in collateral damage.”

Former US Army Aviation & Missile Command (AMCOM) Field Operations Division chief and Field Maintenance deputy director Bob Hill said: “This tool enhances our warfighters’ capabilities by reducing time/effort and by preventing damage to the main transmission, which, ultimately, allows more of our H-60’s to maintain mission readiness.”

According to Varley, the services’ H-60 maintenance can realise more than $500,000 savings in time and parts risk during each transmission 5-Pack removal.

The new H-60 Bridge Tool Kits were also delivered to the US Army and Army National Guard.