US CBP to deploy AtHoc's emergency notification system

The US Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP) has selected AtHoc's emergency notification system to alert and protect about 60,000 CBP agents and personnel nationwide.

Capable of protecting the IP network infrastructure, the unified system has been designed to provide a single web-based console which can trigger, manage, track, and control the entire emergency notification lifecycle.

AtHoc Public Sector Operations vice president Dubhe Beinhorn said that the AtHoc's platform and private cloud architecture has been designed to meet the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) needs as well as compliant with government security certifications for data and personnel information security.

Additionally, the bi-directional CBP system will provide personnel accountability, recall and protection.

"CBP's analysis of solutions available that could meet their stringent security requirements and directly address federal mandates for mass emergency notification and accountability resulted in their selection of AtHoc IWSAlerts," Beinhorn added.

The AtHoc system has also been deployed by the US Coast Guard and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for emergency alerting, staff recall and personnel accountability needs.

AtHoc president and CEO Guy Miasnik said, "It is a privilege to be a trusted partner to DHS agents who daily, are the front line of America's defense against threats, terrorism and natural disasters."

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