Thales to integrate advanced turret on Kuwaiti armoured vehicles

The Kuwait Ministry of Interior is set to receive advanced remotely operated turret and surveillance system from Thales for integration onto armoured patrol vehicles.

The advanced turret system includes high definition day and night thermal commander’s sight, main gunner thermal camera, local situation awareness sensors and acoustic shot detection system.

The array of optronics equipment is fully integrated into a central mission system.

The turret system is also fitted with high-quality recording capability, which can store all mission aspects for use in post analysis, training and to provide mission accountability.

The system, which is designed to meet a specific customer specific mission requirement, is developed and manufactured in the UK.

Recently, the company has led the integration of an advanced turret. The system will be used on the country’s eight existing 4x4 armoured patrol vehicles.

The Kuwaiti Security Shield department will operate the vehicles, which will be ready by the end of this year to perform internal security, public safety and surveillance missions.

Thales supplies its technologies and capabilities that deliver information superiority to more than 50 land forces across the globe.

The company also specialises in designing smart sensors and advanced defence systems, developing collaborative combat, and connecting and equipping soldiers on the digital battlefield.

Image: Thales turret integrated on to an armoured vehicle. Photo: courtesy of Thales Group.