Thales to build new cyber training and testing facility in Netherlands

Thales is set to build a new cyber training and testing facility, under a contract with the Netherlands' Defence Cyber Command (DCC).

Called Cyber Range, the proposed facility will facilitate simulation of cyber-attacks and incidents, as well as protective and defence mechanisms on different weapon systems, IT environments or satellite links.

DCC can build and test realistic cyber-specific configurations and situations within a safe research and testing environment in the Cyber Range. Cyber Range will also test offensive cyber tactics.

Thales cyber security director Dr. Ir. René van Buuren said: ''The primary task of defence is to protect our safety, our troops must at all times be able to rely on the equipment and systems to achieve this. After all, a radio link that is intercepted, thus giving away your position is worthless.

"This Cyber Range allows defence, in addition to training its people, to control the complexity of the security of its systems.

"Following on from undertakings such as the Dutch Aerospace Centre (NLR) and Delft Hydraulics, where models are tested in advanced testing facilities, this is the next necessary step in the IT domain. Defence is a pioneer in this."

The contract also requires Thales to provide support at the facility over the next three years which conducts both small-scale and large-scale trainings and exercises.

In order to continuously improve the reliability and security of its sensor, weapon and command and control systems, information systems, networks and digital infrastructure, defence must not only be able to quickly and effectively respond to new developments, but also acquire new techniques at an early stage, Thales said.