South Australia Police selects NEC for facial recognition technology

Technology company NEC Australia has secured a contract from the South Australia Police (SAPOL), to deliver its facial recognition system.

SAPOL said that the new system will be used to support forensic, investigative and front-line policing operations as well as help in contributing to a safer community.

With the aid of the new facial recognition technology, SAPOL will be able to quickly solve crimes, arrest criminals earlier, and conduct effective search operations for missing persons.

NEC Australia chief operating officer Mike Barber said: “The strength of NEC's NeoFace technology lies in its tolerance of poor quality images and surveillance video, which allows law enforcement authorities to use evidence previously considered of little or no value in order to achieve higher rates of identification.”

The system is based on NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition software and features a facial recognition algorithm for authentication accuracy and speed.

Integrated with other biometric technologies and core policing systems, the new technology will help SAPOL in monitoring, detecting, and scanning and search images of suspects, even poor quality photographs and video streams.

In order to meet the SAPOL operational requirements, NEC Australia's in-country research and development team based in Melbourne will work with SAPOL to develop applications.

To date, customers, including law enforcement agencies and large enterprises, in more than 70 countries across the world have deployed NEC's finger scanning and facial recognition technology.