Somerset County Jail in Maine installs Smiths Detection body scanner

The Somerset County Jail in Madison, Maine, US, has installed a body scanner, B-SCAN, from Smiths Detection (SDI).

The B-SCAN is a transmission X-ray body scanner that helps correctional facilities keep drugs and other contraband out. 

The scanner is capable of detecting hidden contraband that has been ingested, hidden in body cavities, or beneath clothing, thereby reducing the need for manual searches.

Somerset County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Dale Lancasters aid: "The body scanner has detected multiple occurrences of drugs and weapons concealed internally and has greatly reduced the cost previously spent watching inmates in dry cells.

“From procurement through installation and training, Access Control Systems and Smiths Detection provided the expertise and oversight necessary to ensure our success with this project.”

The system, which can be easily integrated into an existing checkpoint, requires minimal training to operate and is also backed by Smiths Detection’s technical support call centre.

So far, several B-SCAN systems have been deployed across the globe in correctional facilities.

To date, the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office has conducted more than 1,000 scans, reducing the amount of contraband being brought into the facility.

Somerset County Jail also received Smiths' improved image evaluation training and has opted to implement a ‘Train the Trainer’ programme.

Smiths Detection provides threat detection and screening technologies for military, air transportation, homeland security and emergency response markets.