Saxony State Police to receive Survivor R vehicles from Rheinmetall

The Saxony State Police is set to take delivery of the first of two heavily protected Survivor R transport vehicles from Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV).

The delivery is part of an order placed by the Free State of Saxony in Germany with Rheinmetall in February this year. The second vehicle will be handed over by the end of last week of December.

The Survivor R vehicles will be used by Saxony’s special police units and are part of a €15m anti-terror package.

Built based on a high-performance 4x4 MAN truck chassis, the 17t vehicle is powered by a 340 HP engine with torque of 1,250Nm.

Developed in cooperation with Austrian special vehicle maker Achleitner, the vehicle is suitable for robust law enforcement operations and safe transportation of police special operators in high-risk circumstances or to evacuate persons from the danger zone.

Saxony’s two Survivor R vehicles are fitted with a special signalling system; an integrated, remotely controlled observation turret with optronics and effectors; loudspeaker; and a hydraulically operated rear ramp.

The vehicle meets the latest Euro 6 emission norms and features armoured monocoque cabin, well-lit interior and sufficient space for crewmembers and their personal equipment as well as extensive communications and command and control technology.

In November this year, the Berlin Police ordered a Survivor R vehicle from Rheinmetall. The vehicle is slated for delivery in July 2018.