Safariland and VIEVU introduce Camera Auto-activation System

The Safariland Group, a global company which offers safety and survivability products for military, and VEIVU, makers of body worn video and digital evidence management devices, have introduced Camera Auto-activation System.

This technology activates VIEVU LE4 Body Worn Camera once a firearm is drawn from its Safariland 7TS duty retention holster. Once the system is activated, the camera's pre-record function records the 30 seconds of video prior to the drawing of the firearm and remains actively recording until the camera is manually turned off.

The Safariland Group president Scott O'Brien said: “Today, transparency and trust are top of mind as law enforcement professionals implement best practices for monitoring and recording events that involve critical incidents.

“Safariland and VIEVU are at the forefront of this growing requirement with this advanced technology and will continue to engineer equipment that aids in accurate accounting of how events transpire.

“Our goal is to provide efficient and effective body worn camera options and evidence management solutions that enable officers to do the best job possible while maintaining their safety.”

Safariland holster model with the camera auto-activation system features a wired connection to ensure consistent auto-activation of the VIEVU LE4 Body Worn Camera upon the drawing of a firearm.

VIEVU vice president and general manager Tarey Gettys said: “Demand for body worn cameras is growing rapidly, as we have seen from the reaction to recent incidents during the past year.

“The release of timely and accurate data is at the center of the ongoing national dialogue. Our auto-activation system provides a best-in-class solution for an officer where he or she does not have to worry about turning on a body worn camera.

“In addition to enhanced transparency, advantages include faster resolution of officer-involved incidents, improved evidence management and enhanced data analytics.”

The Safariland and VIEVU Body Worn Camera Auto-activation System supports continuing improvements in officer and public safety.