Saab secures $16.8m order from US Navy for AMB and MMR

Defense and security company Saab has secured a $16.8m order from the US Navy to provide the Sea Giraffe Agile Multi Beam (AMB) and Multi-Mode Radar (MMR).

Sea Giraffe MMR is a a 3D, electronically scanned phased array radar that will be deployed on the US Coast Guard’s (USCG) newest class of ship, the Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC).

The MMR offers high radiated power, selectable waveforms, and modern signal processing that helps to consistently secure high performance across various marine environments.

Initially, the order covers the procurement of two systems with options for additional radars offering a total potential contract value of up to $118.5M.

Saab Defense and Security USA president and CEO Erik Smith said: “The US Coast Guard is increasingly called upon to support an array of critical missions in the most challenging conditions. Saab’s OPC MMR will support the customer in fulfilling those missions, from the tropics to the Arctic. The MMR radar provides simultaneous sea to sky radar coverage against the most challenging tracks to ensure total situational awareness.”

Saab is a provider of radar and sensor technology. Currently, its AN/SPS-77 radar is deployed on the US Navy’s Independence-class Littoral Combat Ship.

Further, a derivative of AN/SPS-77 known as AN/SPN-50 is being developed to meet the Air Traffic Control needs on aircraft carrier and amphibious assault class ships for the US Naval Air Systems Command.

This addition of the OPC programme to the Sea Giraffe deliveries will enable Saab to further leverage commonality and offer additional value to the US Navy and Coast Guard.